Saturday 2 March 2024

OK, Worth a read.......... And an Excellent book.

This book was our Book Group read for February. I found it confusing to get into at first as it had 3 stories running along side each other. I'll have to be honest I had problems sticking with it and only read it, because it was for the Book Group.

It was very well written, although one thing really irked me one of the character's surname was 'While.'  Why not White or even  Whily??Anyway the start got you right into the story with first few paragraphs. 

It starts with ........

On a sweltering afternoon a mother leaves her three children in a car,  which had broken down on the side of a busy motor way, while she walks to the nearest motor way phone. Jack the eldest was told to look after his two sisters and she would be back as soon as she had phoned for help. But she never comes back and the children's lives consequently change for ever.

Three years later Jack is still in charge and doing as best as he can to look after his sisters. I loved the fact to keep people from knowing they were alone in their house, he cuts the front grass and keeps the windows clean. In fact Jack is a very resourceful boy, as we find as the story develops.

The plot rattles along and will keep you wondering where the plot will lead you. It swings back and fro from when the mother disappears 1998 and 2001. There was a comic element to the story and although listed as a mystery, that was a very loose in my opinion. Twists and turns were more like a wandering along, and what appeared improbably becomes plausible as it unravels, but it takes its time! 

I had to read the end a couple of times, because I wasn't sure what had happened. I thought there was another chapter but it was a few pages of another book. 

Worth a read? Yes, written well and Jack was amazing!


This is an amazing book and an excellent read. Dh read it first, as he did point out to me, he had paid half the cost! 

I am still reading it and I can't stop. It was after 12:00 midnight before I switched off my light  Thursday night, and I was  grateful that yesterday the weather was freezing cold with sleet and some snow, so I could stay in the warm and read|!

When I finish this book I will write about it, but what I will say now, if you like a well written book with a strong story and very likable characters you will love this book, so get it and read it now!



jabblog said...

I look forward to your review.

Marie Smith said...

I’m reading some murder mysteries, my go-to when I don’t want a challenge!

Mari said...

Snap sounds interesting and now I want to hear more about Jack. I would be annoyed by the character name of While too.
I friend got The Woman and when she's done it's coming to me. Can't wait!

Bless said...

Thank you for the book reviews. I must say that I had a moment of "Oh, no, not children left in a car on a hot afternoon" when I read the beginning of the first book. Every year, here in the US, we hear news about infants and toddlers left in locked cars, strapped to their car seats, on hot summer days, when outside temperatures are often over 100F (37C) with very tragic results. :( Every year, public service announcements are sent reminding people not to leave pets or children in a car, and, still, every year, there is news of a tragedy.

Traveller said...

I think we might have similar taste in books. I enjoyed snap and have The Women on my tbr list.