Thursday 30 July 2020

Still loving this.

I am still happily crocheting this blanket even though my last strip of grannies was wrong.

I had done too many rounds so undid the whole strip which I had JAYG and sewn in the ends!
This is the latest strip of grannies and after this they will be joined to the main body.

It's keeping me happy and not eating between meals!
What's  keeping you happy?

Saturday 18 July 2020

Mostly grannies

I am delighting in crocheting this blanket. The rows of granny squares are helping it grow. I have conquered the JAYG (Join as you go) and so I'm nearly ready to join the next row of mini grannies on to the main body. 
I get so excited as I start the next section each time. I love the colours and altho' I thought I'd checked all that were required, I was horrified to see I hadn't ordered Sherbet.. but all was well as I had nearly a whole ball from a previous blanket.
Isn't it lovely when you're enjoying your work.

Sunday 5 July 2020

Sorted and I've started the main body.

I am loving crocheting again, it keeps me from snacking and as it grows it fills me with joy. It didn't take me long to correct my mistake and doing it again, it was extra practice to JAYG.. Join as you go.
The colours aren't true in the photograph, This is now the bottom border, so now to crochet the other side of the granny squares. I did sew in my ends as I went, I quite like the neatness once its done.


Thursday 2 July 2020


I've only crocheted 7 of the first row of granny squares. I had a few hiccups, because when I speed up my crocheting gets looser. This pic doesn't show its true colours. I love the join as you go with a slip stitch into the other square, but I haven't been doing the half treble properly, so I'm undoing what I've done.. won't be too hard because it's only the last round of each square.. silly me I thought I knew how to do it!
So off I start again.. watch this a space I am determined to have it done this evening.