Sunday 29 March 2020

I don't want my photo taken1

Here is Dh's  grandson modelling the jumper I  knitted for him, not liking the experience at all.
Yarn is Style Craft DK acrylic colour, Parchment. Pattern is
 Sirdar #1785. Very easy 4 row pattern but very effective.
The neck collar  was a faff to sew on correctly but looks great when done and the neck opening is big enough for ease of getting on and off a wriggling toddler.


Friday 27 March 2020

Not a lot happening here but....

….. I 'm writing on my alternative blog here..

Knitting is extremely painful with my arm, so I am only doing a few rows each evening.  I might give in and crochet as that's less painful. 
I curse that Dr who decided not to pin and plate my arm nearly 5 years ago now.

Anyway come and visit me on my other blog.


Friday 20 March 2020

My latest project.

I'm knitting this sleeveless cardi with wool so it will be warm. I didn't have long enough circular needles so have bought new,  but my shorter ones are ok for the fronts. With this suggested self isolation there's lots of time to now knit, crochet, sewing etc and we're concentrating on the garden. It's going to be strange not to pop out for a coffee, which we do quite often, but we want to stay safe and help to reduce the spread
And here's the right side started with some daffs from the garden which had blown over.
The wool is Drops Karisma 100% wool colour is Denim. 

I am struggling a bit with it,  as knitting makes my broken arm ache most dreadfully, while crocheting doesn't. This, therefore might be one evening knitting and another evening crocheting or maybe just resting. It's not like I'm going anywhere!
What are you doing with all this time at home?


Tuesday 10 March 2020

Ta last

 I've been a while crocheting this, not that I wasn't interested, just had winter blues and tiredness.

It's just big enough for a lap throw and I 've used it already! It's warm and cosy soft.
Now I'm knitting, quite difficult with my arm as it causes it to ache, but as I carry on it will ease.
As soon as I've knitted enough to show I'll post about it. 
With the sunnier days I feel more like knitting. 
Keeps my mind from thinking about the diet (grrrrr ) and of course we now have the threat of the virus.
So best keep happy and active. 
What do you think?

Sunday 1 March 2020

March 1st

Happy memories of my childhood on this day.