Thursday 31 October 2013

Practically a new kitchen!

 We have been tarting up our kitchen.. we had the tiles changed last autumn but then it was Christmas, then in the spring we went to Australia for 4 weeks, then it was summer gardening, so at last we have got round to doing a few things.

 DH has put up the new blinds, I have rubbed down the cupboard doors and painted them.

We have kept the handles, although at first we thought we'd get new, but these cost a fair bit and look fine, and there are 23 handles in all!
The spice rack is new and fits just right..
 I even took every thing off the dresser, washed and cleaned it all, polished the dresser and put it all back.
I want to paint the wooden chairs, an apple green colour, but will save that for another week, as I am not used to so much painting and need to rest my arms from all that rubbing down! I have slept really well while we have been doing this,  as I have dropped into bed each night exhausted!!LOL
The trouble with DIY work, you don't have someone else to make the cups of tea to keep you going, unlike workmen, nor were there any biscuits!!
But I am very pleased with it all and love our new colour scheme.

Monday 28 October 2013

Am I at a silly age??

This is what I have spent my day doing... a little rabbit! I saw this on someone's blog and had to knit it! Dh asked who it was going to be for... my reply... No one I just wanted to make it. I have just used yarns I had but fancy knitting some more in light grey or light beige.
I got the pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits through

This is her blog and it has links to buy the patterns.. her little animals are lovely and her bunny faces are better than mine, but I reckon she has made quite a few.. this is my first effort and I intend to get better at them!!
Happy knitting..and I hope everyone in UK has escaped any damage from the storm.

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Autumn harvest

Hello everyone of my faithful followers I really don't deserve your lovely comments for my last post. I should have ironed those cross stitch pieces but time races along... but here I have stepped off the whirly gig of life and taken a walk into my garden. We have a crab apple tree that provides this wonderful crab apple jelly and we make lots. The nasturtiums are flowers I never used to grow but when we moved back here 2 years ago, it was August. The garden was a mess after 4 years of tenants and as it was too late to plant any flowers, I went round and as we weeded and dug I popped in a nasturtium seed and of course they have supplied us with colour every since.
You can just see my little sewing bag there behind as this is the kitchen table and where I use my machine. The kitchen is big enough and DH is usually cooking while I sew. An arrangement that works well!!LOL
Happy days

Monday 21 October 2013

Posting progress pics at last

 I have been neglecting my blog, time is whizzing by and I just couldn't get round to posting here!
But here is my progress at last.. I have nearly completed all the stitching on my Cut Thro Beach Hut and love the way it is turning out.  There is still a lot to do and of course then all the outline straight stitching but it will get done eventually!
 And I have spent a little time stitching this lovely design Fairies at the Bottom of our Garden.
I love this.. sorry for the creased state of the linen.
As well as this I am knitting myself a big cardigan.
Something to do for a change.
I am also getting on well with the quilt using this it will be a wedding present I can't show is here. but I can say I have finished the centre 9 blocks sewn by hand and they look very nice.
Each block is a different design and they will be set on point with the wine colour red as sashing.
Lots more to do on it and then the borders and quilting so this is a big project for me!

With Christmas getting very near I will be starting all manner of Christmas presents and cards next month, which I always love doing... exciting times ahead! I shall be a busy little bee.
Hope you all are having a beautiful day.

Monday 7 October 2013

Keeping warm and dancing all the way into winter!

I have finished my crochet blanket at last. I started off to do it all in granny squares then saw something similar on a craft site and decided to mix the grannies with 'rounds'
 At one stage it was taking me a whole evening to go round once!!
 I started it the middle of May so it has been going for a while, but of course I have been busy sewing, stitching, knitting and gardening as well.
It's going to keep us very warm this winter and is heavy.. DH said something about the colours being in your face!! Of course they are, they are meant to be bright and colourful.. I love it.
And this shows rhe picot edging
Crocheting is so relaxing and the beauty of it there is only one stitch to drop!!
So this evening I am back to stitching for a change, and I have plenty to chose from..

Friday 4 October 2013

Where does time go??

 I can't believe that I haven't written in this blog for weeks!
Where has my time gone to.
I am stitching, knitting and I have a large crochet blanket nearly done so I can show that soon.
And I am hand sewing a quilt for a wedding present so I have quite  a lot to do, which I love.
I'd hate to sit and do nothing.
These are my winter patio pots which I replanted last friday afternoon, you can just see behind in the veg patch one of the huge quash I grew.. I have other pots to do but when I felt like it, the rain arrived and when the sun shone I didn't feel like doing it!!
I am scrapping my small flower bed in my front garden as I can't keep those d--- cats off it.
So I am putting  2 pavers and pebbles and then sitting three different sized pots on it.. easier to keep the cats off..

Happy days, even with the rain!