Thursday 31 March 2016

Another operation!!

After the bleeding last week I went to have my arm checked yesterday and the operation hasn't worked. I thought something was wrong because I started having some horrendous pain as though something was cutting me!
The surgeon knew straight away as soon as I told him and he felt my arm. I am very upset and although he kept saying how sorry he was and how gutted he was that it hadn't worked, it's me with the pain which has been eye watering.  It's the top part of the bone that is soft and that's because it's been 11 months of not using it, I don't know how many times I have asked over the year for something to be done and each time I was told it will heal in its own time.. 
He wanted me to go into hospital  there and then yesterday evening,  but I asked could I come home last night and then he said we'll do it Friday morning.. so I should be in just over night again, hopefully. This time he is going to use 3 wires crisscrossing  from the shoulder end of the bone to the elbow end. I don't know how much longer I can cope with this.. and I was having my hair done tomorrow, so I  have had to cancel that.
I already have 2 huge bruises from the Jr Dr trying to take blood. I would love to stick a couple of needles in some Drs and see if they think it's just a sharp prick!! So I have to go through all the first days post op of pain and discomfort again..
The x-ray yesterday showed the plate with 3 screws in place and 3 that were at the bottom of the plate lying across it where they had fallen out and one just at the fold of my arm and shoulder which is where I can feel something sticking in me because it is sticking in me!!
This simple trip hasn't just taken a year of my life but I feel it has aged me 10 years, I haven't used make up for most of the time, it's just too awkward with my left hand,  I can't style my hair, hence the weekly hair dresser app.
I could scream and scream and scream! Thank you for your messages and thoughts and prayer but I need a lot of prayers please.

Sunday 27 March 2016

Easter Blessings

Happy Easter all
Hope today is filled with Blessings and that you have the joy of family with you.
We are having the tradition meal of lamb, joined by my #1son, his girl friend and her little boy. 
In 2002 I spent Easter in Israel and walked in the steps of Jesus. It was an amazing experience, one that I probably will never do again, but when I read certain bits in the Bible I can picture the places. I looked across the Kidron valley to Jerusalem and always smile to myself when it is mentioned in the Bible, the sun was shining when we were there and it was an awesome sight.


Thursday 24 March 2016

A bloody hic-up

I have had my post op. follow up and my wound has bled. Not fresh blood, and although DH and I had noticed blood on the dressing on Tuesday morning, the stain had grown by Wednesday morning, but all contained by the dressing; however in the afternoon when the nurse helped me take off my cardi and blouse it had bled a lot more. Dh and I hadn't seen this because my cardi is navy. The consultant was concerned,  so I have been given an out of clinic appointment next week, isn't that amazing, junior Drs striking and the consultant willing to see me in his lunch hour! This appointment is prior to the probability of admission to hospital to release the large blood clot behind the healed wound. This is not the sort of clot in veins but a haematoma, a bruise in the tissues. I might have to stay in over night and if I do I will be prepared this time,  because when I had my op. I had no food for 40 hours!! So this time I will have biscuits with me!! Not the news I wanted but I appreciate that all is being done for me.

I did however have a weepy moment last  night trying to get comfortable in bed with three pillows behind me and two under my arm which helps to reduce the pain. I still have to sleep sitting up. Lovely DH has soaked and washed my blouse and cardi twice and the stains have gone. I came home in a hospital gown under my jacket!!
Although things are not perfect,  I still feel I have many blessings from friends, my house is filled with cards and flowers.

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Laughter heals

I chatted to an old school friend Terri yesterday  we had such  a laugh.  She and I were boarders together at school. She had sent me a card which was a painting she had done herself and had professionally printed so I phoned her. And we laughed and laughed. We went to local dances together in our teens and I reminded her of her orange coloured PVC jacket she always wore, that crackled as she walked and had that plastic scent,  so I used to say to her that you could smell her before you saw her! She is still a drama queen, just how she was when we were 15!
It was like we were young again talking to her. All those times remembered when 4 of us in our dorm eating biscuits and whispering after lights out, we thought it was so daring and naughty! NO, not 4 only 3 of us,  Michelle Donovan wouldn't as it was against the rules! How did I just remember that? Such lovely times remembering, we used to swoon reading Keats poetry and we said we would only marry someone  who was a romantic like him. What went wrong?  And also I had flowers from my friend Jenny in Australia! It was such a wonderful surprise, I had beautiful flowers from my two step daughters too.
I have had so many messages and phone calls, I have even had mails from my friends on holiday in Spain and a young couple I know from Church who are missionaries in Laos!!
It made me feel better and the pain is less except when I try to get out of bed, my body gets out but my arm stays behind! Ouch!!
But another day nearer to getting better.
Thank you for all your good wishes, I am blessed with wonderful friends.


Sunday 13 March 2016

At last!!

On Thursday 10th March I went into hospital at 7:00am! At 12MD I went to theatre and had this pesky arm operated on. It was successful, I can move my hand and fingers so I am on the way to being able to use both arms sometime in a few months time. It has been eleven months since I broke it.
It is very painful and the right side of my chest is very tender but it will all be worth it. I was only in hospital two days and it was ok. Some very dedicated nurses with a lot of patience. There were some moments which I was dreading, eg.  going to the loo. I had to use a commode which was ok but I needed help, how do you wipe yourself after a wee when one arm is in brace and the other connected to drip, so I had my 'tuttsie' dried by a nurse. I haven't ever had that before!! Home now with my lovely DH looking after me. I won't be going out for a week or two, I need to take things gently for a while.
But I'm ok I survived the op.  A big thank you to the surgeon, Mr Ravi Ray who worked with a Nurse that he had worked with for several years helping, as the junior Drs were on strike. I am very grateful to him and of course to all my Christian friends who have prayed constantly for me, thank you to everyone else as well.
I am  very blessed with amazing friends..


Tuesday 1 March 2016

Happy memories

St David's Day today, hence the daffodils.
These are in a shaded part of my garden so not quite fully open, although fifteen years ago there wouldn't have even been green growth above the ground. How the weather has changed over the years. Gardeners know the world is heating up, plants are flowering so much earlier.
As a child, in Wales on St David's day, I went to school in the Welsh National dress with my tall black hat held on by the elastic under my chin and a daffodil pinned to my shawl.
Although,  I was very aware that we didn't have a lot of money. I wore nice clothes,  but many were second hand as my auntie's friend worked for a Dr and so I had clothes from his daughter. And one thing I hated I was always bought Birthday sandals, not Clarks. They lasted me two summers because the second year, I wore them with the toes cut out!! Our meals were supplemented with a lot of vegetables as we had an allotment until my grandfather died when I was 8. My auntie kept it going for a year or two after he died,  just to harvest the veg, I think. I can remember being wheeled to it in the wheel barrow and sunny days playing in the dirt by the water butt, making mud pies. I doubt children have these experiences these days but I loved days on the allotment, especially with my grand dad. We had jam sandwiches and cold tea in jam jars midday.  Such happy memories, years and years and years ago!
Any Welsh ladies reading this...... hapus dydd dewi sant!