Wednesday 21 September 2016

Arm news....

Not good news at the hospital, there is no change in my arm, none what so ever! I burst into tears and as it was only the registrar, I asked to see the consultant,  so he got Mr Ray. He has suggested an op in a couple of months time with him and another surgeon and at the same time have a complete shoulder replacement, it will be a big long op he said.. I asked could I wait till after Christmas so at least I can use my arm Christmas time,  as I am now, because with the other ops I was back to square one each time and not able to use my arm and of course a lot of pain.  It will at the  Middlesex hospital. So I am to have an appointment in 5 weeks time with both surgeons to discuss the op. and what are the complications etc.. so I haven't got a choice unless I want to stay as I am. We came home and I had a quick drink of water, grabbed the dog and went to the park as it is a glorious day here and I walked and walked, we had a coffee in the cafĂ©, which was very good, never had one there before and then home and the sun shone the whole time! 
But I was miserable and very red eyed!!

One thing I discussed with DH is my attitude to exercise.. I don't like it but a lot of my problems is my mind set, I don't get up in the mornings thinking 'a walk.' I think what craft can I manage with my arm today?.. so if I want to lose  a substantial amount of weight, I need to move myself. I am well into the Slimming World food plan and liking it, and more importantly I am losing weight regularly, so walking it is.. tomorrow we have planned a visit to my favourite place.. Southend. The promenade is flat and easy to walk on although Sunday we did take a detour, so I walked a little way up the side that rises through the grassed area and beautifully maintained flower beds to the top that over looks the prom. There is an amazing round flower bed there, which is a clock! So watch this space.. 14 weeks till Christmas a chance to lose at least a stone, and I will, I am determined!!!


Tuesday 20 September 2016

So what is this going to be?

 I am working on this, I wonder if anyone can guess what it will be?
It is not a blanket!
We are still working on our jigsaw. We had a break as we had Dh's  mum here for 12 days to stay so we didn't do any then and she was happy to eat at one end of the table as the jigsaw was the other end! There will be a photo when it is finished, which we hope to do soon. I have asked my #1DS for one for crimbo! Anyone else ask for presents or do you like a surprise?