Saturday 15 February 2020

Why do they give them names??

Is it Ciara or Dennis.. whatever it's blowing a gale out there.

We live in a house that has been standing since 1885.. so guess it will still be standing after this gale.
I am toasty warm and inside. 
My crochet knee throw is growing although last week I did hardly any.
But when I do pick it up I am totally happy and focused and shall attempt to finish it this week.
A friend has pointed me to a yarn site where they are all beautiful and reduced in price,  so I feel a big knitted cardi coming,  just for me.
I hope everyone is not damaged or flooded by these storms, such extra-ordinary weather.. stay safe everyone.

Monday 10 February 2020

A transformation.

Who would believe that this old pouffe could become this.

A year ago while mooching around Halesworth I saw a different shop.
It was called 'Chameleon,'  a pop up shop,  only there a week.
It was selling fabric and this fabric was in the cut offs bin for £10.
I could see that it would be the perfect fabric to do this. 
So all day yesterday with DH help I have recovered the old
The rain rained and the winds blew as I measured and sewed and
DH tapped in the upholstery tacks.
I was able to centre the bigger picture on the top of the seat, but to do the sides the same would have meant cutting the fabric into panels, and I didn't think there'd be enough.  
And I want some to cover the cushion on an old stool  that was my grandmothers, so probably 80 or so years old.
We are delighted with the finished item, and think it looks fantastic.
I expect there are loads of very talented bloggers out there
who can do similar, were you as happy with your result as we are?
I am so proud!

Wednesday 5 February 2020

A Therapy?

I'm getting on quite nicely with my knee blanket but knitting socks is one of my loves too.. so I 've gone back to these, which are all from scraps of left over sock yarn and I 've tried to match them.
I can knit without looking at it,  so an easy occupation in front of the TV.. and also according to the 'experts' a distracting therapy if you're trying to break a habit, eg smoking.. well I don't smoke but I do need distraction from munching calories in the evenings.. 
So don't ever feel guilty if you knitting or crocheting, because you can claim it's a therapy!
What do you think?  And what so you do with your scrap yarn?