Wednesday 26 November 2014

YEH... A Reprieve !!

Just been to my slimming group and I haven't put on 4 only 2.5!!! How'zat??
I feel I have been reprieved and so I am making soup for lunch ready for when my lovely DH arrives home.. yeh, yeh, yeh.. I am so happy!
This is a new week and last week has gone. I can't change that, but I can make a change this week!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the encouragement and comments
My heart is singing and I will do my walking video this afternoon.
It's a wet day here with a miserable drizzle, but I don't care, because I am back on plan and raring to go!

Tuesday 25 November 2014

What is this thing called weight???

I was doing so well and then??? What happened??
I found a few pounds, well more than a few.. 4!
Where did they come from, what did I eat that was so bad that it stuck to my tum and bum.. when we were away we ate sensibly and my gain was just 2 and then suddenly it turned to 4.
If you stack packs of butter,  4lbs is 8 packs and looks  huge! I want to curl up and drink hot chocolate and I would, but we don't have any. I dared say, because DH is so lovely he would pop out and buy some.  So I won't have lost 2st by Christmas, and if I don't get myself under control it won't even be 1 st.. Today I have been for a blood test to check my thyroxin dose, I have been sleeping a lot recently so it could be that... or it could be white bread with butter and cheddar cheese?
So many things happening around the world and all I can think of is how big 8 packs of butter looks.
Before I eat anything I look at it suspiciously and think
(Will this make me fat?)

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Weekend away in York

We have had a super weekend away in York. We stayed in a super B&B. Our huge room overlooked the garden so we watched some squirrels playing rough and tumble one morning and the birds on the feeders.  The B&B, although not in the city centre,  it was on one of the many park and ride routes with buses every 10 mins. Breakfast was yummy too!
 It is a beautiful city with a  myriad of tiny streets so even with a map, and a sat nav app on our ipad we often found ourselves walking in the wrong direction to get back to the bus stop! Lots of different shops and I visited Duttons for Buttons, which my sewing friends have raved about, but I was a  bit disappointed! My little shop I go to in my home town in Porthcawl had a better selection of buttons! But we did get quite a few Christmas presents and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

On Sunday we went to Even Song at the Cathedral and it was so lovely, the choir singing, the organ and the atmosphere quite beautiful.
An amazing heavenly end to our weekend .
If you have the chance to visit York, do go, it will be worth it.

Sunday 9 November 2014

Poppies in the Tower of London

We were in London yesterday evening so decided we would go to see the poopies.
It was raining and although we got wet, it was worth it.
Of course it was dark but the poppies were lit and with the rain they were shiny.

It was an amazing sight.. I thought of my grandmother's brother Will.
 Private William E Harris, 21691, in the Welsh Regiment, 2nd battalion..
His death was recorded as 28:10:1918.
He had gone all the way through the war and was killed in Flander's Field.
His photo in uniform was always hung in the living room, and my grand mother always shed a tear at this time and probably a lot more at other times too when she remembered him.
Sad times for a lot of people.
Dh and I always go to our town War Memorial on the 11th November.
There usually is about 20 people there.