Thursday 31 January 2019

Still hoping and dreaming.

If I had shown this mug full of ?? first, you'd would never have guessed it had all this delicious goodness in it!
It was very tasty.
I'm still dreaming and hoping to drop 3 sizes before July altho' the wedding is August I feel I should get my outfit before then.
My Sweet Pea blanket is making progress sloooooowly!
I 'm on the seventh colour Blush, with Candy Floss waiting.  I just haven't had any 'cro-go' for it, but as it grows I am getting more enthusiastic.

I shall get off this 'bum magnet' reading blogs, which I love to do,  and pick it up now.
Did anyone notice my customized hook?  I couldn't get a soft one and wanted to get started so 
micro-pore round it did the trick!

Saturday 26 January 2019

Keeping Strong!!

We watched Tom Kerridge's' Eating Healthily, this morning and he made a stir fry, which is my DH's forte. So this was our lunch and we used the Little Gem lettuce leaves as a wrap. Gosh it was delicious, chicken, prawns and a lot of sliced veg with bean sprouts, very, very nice and our SW food plan

And to help me, keeping my hands busy, ….my crocheting. It's Lucy from Attic 24 blog's cal, altho' because I have started this 6 times I am way behind. it wasn't that the crocheting wrong, I didn't like the stitch, so tried several and here I am back doing the lattice stitch. The joy of it is, the colours, Sweet Pea colours. My lovely DH bought me the pack for a Christmas pressie.

So I 'm doing my best to keep strong because with 4 long!weeks gone on this food plan, I wanted to lose 14 pounds, this is where I can give up and stuff my face, hence the stir fry. Usually we'd have had an omelette with salad which often left me feeling peckish mid afternoon!
How do you keep strong?

PS. As I type I 'm eating some tasty grapes!

Friday 25 January 2019

Four long weeks!!

I have lost 8.5 pounds since re-joining SW but it hasn't been easy as I 'd got used to eating what I wanted when I wanted!! Grapes and pears have become my best friends, but I still manage ice-cream some days. 10g =1 syn, and you're allowed 15syns DAILY,  but I use some for gravy or a sauce so I can't have 150g of ice-cream, but I usually save enough syns to have 30g, it's not very much!

Anyone else decided to lose weight in 2019? 
Do you want to join me?
My need is because DH's daughter is getting married in August.


Wednesday 2 January 2019

Yes it's my New Year Resolution again, and again , and again....

So it's to lose weight.. but I have my SD wedding in August so it's a real must do!
I know when I follow the SW plan I can lose weight and I have done it in the past. Today was my first day and it was ok. DH has put away the left over chocs, sweets and tin of short bread biscuits, because out of sight is out of mind!!
Have you made any?

I love Mary's
To be even more awesome!!