Sunday 26 August 2018

Am I mad??

I saw this jumper in The Stitcher Mag and loved it, however the wool suggested was Ewe Baa Ram at £17 a hank!! Wow you needed 9 altogether, at that price it was right out; however I search around for a yarn I could use and looked at Drops. I found this Drops Flora which is a mixture of wool and alpaca and bought it from Purple Sheep costing £1.90, 10p less than Wool Warehouse. I even worked out how many metres (yards) I needed and so have only bought what I need.. 

I have finished the socks,  annoyingly having wasted a good length of the wool for the second sock, to make sure they matched which they did,  but then after the heel turn, the colours mis-matched.

I shall post these off with a note tucked in the toe of one, just so he can buy himself a Costa coffee and cake, which he does love. 
I am back to knitting my lovely shawl/scarf for which I did buy the recommended wool, which did cost me rather a lot but I think I deserve a treat!  
And then that lovely jumper will be my evening knitting joy It will keep me on the diet straight and narrow because I don't want to find that having knitted it, it will be too tight!!
Happy knitting or what ever you enjoy doing, what is your evening joy?


Friday 17 August 2018

Knitting all day long!

Although I am getting on really well with my shawl/scarf my youngest GS phoned yesterday with his good news.

2 A*s and an A in his 'A' level results so will be off to study law at Nottingham UNI..but…
my hand knitted socks I've knitted for him are going into holes. 
He loves to wear them when he gets in from college, so I have to knit some posthaste!! 

Fortunately I had some sock wool, so I could get started right away.
So no excuses I have to knit, knit, and knit all day long.
I wish!!
I do love how my shawl is working out, I am onto the stripe section and have started using the ruby colour, it is gorgeous and I love the way it looks; but I do like to knit socks too and don't need a pattern I have knitted so many! Do you know any items so well you don't need a pattern?

Friday 10 August 2018

Loving my knitting

I am loving knitting this shawl/scarf. The wool is soft and the garter stitch is easy to do while watching TV … and it is making up quickly. I have to keep track of the pattern as the rows and wool colour change takes a bit of getting use to. I can't wait to get to the Ruby colour section.. isn't it nice to enjoy what you're doing? I knitted while it was hot as it was too hot to be outside and today we're inside because it has rained and rained.. now the dry as dust garden with browning dry plants is wet and soggy looking. But we really needed it so not really complaining, what ever I am happily inside knitting! 
Do you enjoy knitting or crochet best or some other craft?

Monday 6 August 2018

Tis me!!

I have decided to let my coloured hair grow out. So my trip to the hairdressers was just a trim. Perhaps in a couple months time I might change my mind. At the moment it doesn't look too bad, in fact it doesn't look any different except I have grey/white hair at my temples. Why is it that men with grey temples are said to look distinguished while women look old??
If you look behind me, yes you  can see a very large treadmill. It's waiting to be taken up to our little bedroom, but here,  it is convenient to hop on if you want to run a mile (not me!) DH does and up hill!
I can do a 2 mph walk for 5 mins!!
I hate exercising, do you enjoy it?

Sunday 5 August 2018

Omgosh I didn't expect that!

I wrote and said how disappointed I was in the Worn and Washed fabric and she has offered me my money back. I wasn't expected a refund, so I am delighted. I have very carefully undone what I had sewn and steam pressed the fabric and it looks as good as new. Although she has offered me another pack, I have decided to just use jelly rolls, so off to search for a bluey one..
What a relief, I have all summer to make it and I shall use the same design I had seen on pinterest.


Friday 3 August 2018

Such a disdappointment

I started to sew this worn and washed fabric, which cost me a fair bit and all I can say, what a disappointment!
It wasn't cut up shirting, as I was expecting and what it looked like on her web site. Some of it was cut up table cloth material and there are bits that look like flannelette sheeting, plus some very flowery cotton fabric. There were some bits that looked like it had been a handkerchief!! And some very small pieces which couldn't be used. I shall complain but I doubt I will get any joy. grrrrr I am such a fool.

No way can I make this for my grandson.. what a waste of money. So I am not going to waste any more with wadding and backing fabric. I was working on  a design like this, the centre section narrower strips, edged by white sashing.. now I shall just try to sell it on ebay.


Anyone bought worn and washed fabric and been happy with it?
Perhaps I was expecting too much..

Thursday 2 August 2018

Knitting for me ready for the winter!

Drachenfels by Melanie Berg.
I bought the pattern from Ravelry before I broke my arm, so hence only getting round to it now.

I am really looking forward to knitting it; it’s Rosy Green Wool, and I am using ‘cheeky merino joy.’

The colours are Coffee Bean, Wild Mallow and Ruby, aren’t the names gorgeous and the feel of the wool is beautiful too. 

I‘ve had to buy some 4mm circular needles; I had 3.5mm and 4.5mm but not 4mm, isn’t it always the way?  We have a Hobby Craft only 25mins away, so that’s where we popped to this morning, once I‘ve wound the wool into balls I shall be starting to knit.. wa-hey I can’t wait.

Do you love to start new projects, of course I do have a quilt on the go and a Sew and So, SAL.. So I best get knitting.

Too hot to go out to the garden, I need to dead head the roses plus most of the flowers, but they can wait. Knitting comes first, what do you think?
PS. It has taken me just under the hour to wind one colour eeck... I need a wool winder!!