Thursday 29 December 2016

Keeping warm

I finished the socks, but it was a struggle so much to prepare for the big day,

 and then I made this.. I don't usually use a hottie bottie but I saw this crochet cover and wanted to make one, so had to buy it!!
We had a really lovely Christmas altho' I found it all a struggle and I had a cold which DH caught as well.  I helped with all the cooking and I can unload and load the dishwasher one handed, but it is difficult for me. Because I don't go on about my arm, people assume it is ok, but it isn't,  far from it. But my appointment has come for the London Orthopaedic Hospital for January 11th, which in a way I am dreading and it's only an out patients app. but what if she says she can't do anything to help me?

DH's present of a Fitbit is great and so I am walking to try to do the 10,000 steps a day, which you can do if you wear it around the house too. DH set my target low to start off as I hate exercise including walking! So when I reach it, fireworks go off.  If I sit still for too long it buzzes me and says.. 'fancy a stroll!' LOL.
I love it. So far the highest number of steps I 've done is 6517 which I thought pretty good for me.  Today we haven't been for a walk as we needed a small shop, we had run out of dishwasher tabs, one day we filled the dishwasher 3 times! We'll have to leave it here, when we move, as it is build into  the kitchen,  but we'll  buy one asap once we are in Suffolk, as hand washing is ok for one or two days,  but the novelty soon wears off!

Happy New Year Everyone, and I hope it is a Healthy one and full of love.

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Christmas card but who are you?

Who are you???
I have received several cards from bloggers that I know and had cards ready to send for them.. but today I have received one from Jenny and David... I am sorry but for the life of me I can't place who you are.
Come forward and reveal yourself please!

Chris xx

PS... The mystery is solved. It was the parents of one of DH's daughter's boyfriend's parents!! And DH had written them a card but had forgotten their names!!