Friday 31 August 2012

Our visit to the Paralympics

What a super day we had yesterday seeing 4 world records broken, and paralympic records too! We saw Jonathan Fox get his swimming gold
and Sarah Storey get hers in the cycling!
All very exciting and DH is hoarse this morning! We were awake at 5 and left the house at 6:50! I actually had a snooze in the velodrome!! We had been in the acquaticentre for 3 hours, had our picnic lunch and then walked to the velodrome about 1 ½ miles!! So by that time, 2pm I was tired and it was so hot, so I slept ! With all the cheering and DH one side clapping and a man the other side clapping and I still managed to sleep for about 20mins! This when there was time trials going on... so I don’t think I missed much! I felt better for it anyway!

Then on the 2 mile walk from the velodrome back to Stratford station thro Westfield Centre. Just at the entry to the park we met , DH's son and grandson! They had tickets for the park for the evening, altho could only get two,  so DIL and the baby were in John Lewis! In all those 1000s of people and the park which covers 500 acres, How’s that??
DH reckons I walked about 5 miles yesterday, me who doesn't walk much! So next time we go, I shall wear my pedometer. We have tickets for athletics on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and the closing ceremony on Sunday! Exciting times!
I felt so proud to be British, the Olympic Park is amazing and the banks of flowers so pretty, it is quite an achievement and the games and atmosphere worth every penny.... go  team GB go!
Chris xx

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Ornies made up

This is last months ornie made up and some red beads for the holly berries only just sewn on.
And this months is a Nativity Scene
Stitched on blue 28c linen. It looks a bit drab to me so I might sew on some beads as stars. It should have a gold star charm but I can't find it.. when I do I'll sew that on too. It shouldn't be too difficult as it is softly filled.  These are hanging on last years Christmas tree, just for the photographs... which we are keeping for this year, can you see the cones it has grown? We were so surprised to see them when they grew.
I have hardly done any stitching this past month because I have been too busy sewing patchwork bits and pieces.
But I intend to finish at least one WIP in September.
Watch this space!
Happy Days
Chris xx


Saturday 25 August 2012

The post man came today!

And this is the beautifully wrapped book in tissue, tied with pink ribbon and those lovely buttons.  I have been waiting for this all week! Its come from the Stitchers Inn Holland.
I saw one of the items on some ones blog and had to have it!
So many beautful things to make inside all red!
I love this bag...
but I think this little pin cushion will be my first make
Here is a better pic of the pin cushion taken from the Stitchers Inn blog.
I can't wait to start!

Happy sewing days ahead for me, what about you?

Chris xx

Thursday 23 August 2012

Who will be the next person to get the Travelling Pattern?!

I have been sent this by shebafudge to be the next recipient of The Travelling Pattern by LHN
Woo-hoo!! This is a special edition and is no longer available.
Lynda, who started this,  has the original list of recipients, so I am sorry I can't offer it here...

I am quite excited and looked at some blogs as to how this had been finished. I think Shebafudge is thinking of a box top and others, a pin keep and flat fold. I want a new needle case and this design is perfect, so watch this space!  This is just what I needed to give me my stitching mojo back! It is such a pretty design.

Thank you for all the kind comments about my quilt for my GD, she loved it and the Tresor crystal bracelet. (I quite fancy one of those myself!)

Happy Stitching and happy days.

Chris xx

Sunday 19 August 2012

A quilt for my GD

I seem to have neglected my blog, but we have had my in-laws to stay for five days and the Olympics were great to watch too, so I have kind of been busy. We can't wait now for the Para-Olympics as we have tickets for swimming, cycling and three athletic events with medal ceremonies and the closing ceremony, so we will be off and out for the most part of a week! Exciting times..

And this is what has kept me really busy. Its a quilt made from a jelly roll of Moda's Wildflowers design. It's for my GD to take to Uni
A simple pattern of squares and rectangles but it still took me awhile to make.
I finished the binding last evening sitting out after our BBQ meal in the beautiful warm evening. We have been having such super summer weather of late.

Now I should really do some of my stitching which has been left.. but I think I have the quilting bug and I already have the fabric for my next project!
Happy Days!

Chris xx

Friday 3 August 2012

My latest sewing success.

I bought my supa dupa sewing machine just over six years ago and apart from curtains I hadn't sewn a lot on it till this last year! Going to a quilting class  once a week has spurred me on to sew lots of things. These are the place mats which are my latest project.
Here are all eight made from a bundle of six fat quarters bought in Hobby Craft from one of their boxes of reduced things, the binding I bought from where I go for my class and it matches perfectly.

They are just unequal strips of the different coloured fabrics and then criss-cross top stitching to keep the layers together.
I am rather pleased with them and the sewing is all practice, so my quarter inch seams are more accurate, and also all those corners in the binding has improved my corners and I loved sewing them.  I think I have the sewing bug!
Can't wait to use them now!
Happy Days all, the sun is shining here, it's a beautiful day.
Hope yours is a good one too.

Chris xx

Wednesday 1 August 2012

WIPocalyse for August

My August show for the WIPocalyse is rather small.
But I have been busy doing other things. This is the first of AotH.. not too good a photo. It didn't take that long but I made a mistake and frogs arrived so that held me up. I have definitely decided that I am not doing all 12 on one piece of fabric, but four rows of not so big.
And this is my July Christmas ornie, not made up, too much to do and so little time and we have been away. Dh's daughters are now BA's so we went to their Degree Ceremonies and had a lovely few days away, first in Bradford and then Lancaster and the sun shone!

I have been busy doing other sewing and my DGD's quilt is nearly finished

Thank you to all of you that wished us a happy anniversary. DH and I are very blessed and love our lives here in Essex, Each day is a happy one! At the moment we have a very, very tidy and clean house as Dh's parents are coming the stay, so we have had a late spring clean! We should have visitors more often as it would push us to put things away when we have finished with them!
Happy Days All and enjoy what ever you're doing.

Chris xx