Saturday 27 April 2013

I love my garden!

We have widened my south facing herbacious border and I am happily filling it with plants. The tulips are just coming into flower while the daffodils are just fading.
The blossom is my damson tree which is always loaded with fruit.
The flowering  tree furtherest away is an amelanchier, very pretty in spring.
My little slate corner
The north side full of wild primroses, cowslips and the red camelia given to me by a friend for my 60th Birthday
And some patio pots, the tulips are my DH's a present from his GD whose name is Tulip!
And there is a pink camelia there, a present from my daughter for my 70th birthday.
And a closer pic of my alpine pots.
I made these up new this year as my others had became over grown.
The gravel and pebbles I already had but all the plants are new.
The shells are from a friend who lives in Portugal and there is  a small one there from Australia.

I love this garden, it keeps us both busy.. not shown is our small veg plot, dug over ready for the plants that I have grown in the green house and conservatory. As soon as the threat of frost has past it will be full of beans, courgettes, sweet corn, squash, beetroot and potatoes. I will have tomatoes grown in pots, carrots, and lettuce.. once the beans are finished there will be room for the cabbage.
We are very fortunate that we have several super garden centres near to us, so lots of choice and tea and cake in the afternoons!!LOL

Chris x

Wednesday 24 April 2013

A knitted summer cardigan

I seem to have been so busy I haven't posted for weeks, most unlike me.. but the warmer weather has drawn me to the garden.
In the evenings I have knitted this from the yarn I bought in Porthcawl
It had so many stitches a because of my larger size!!
So I must get back to my diet if only to be able to knit with less stitches
It was a nice pattern to follow just 4 rows with a purl inbetween. I enjoyed knitting it, knitting is so relaxing.
Now that spring has truly arrived, it's wonderful!
Hope your weather is good too

Chris xx

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Putting on my dancing shoes!!!

I came back from Australia and had a spurt on this LHN design called
'Nature's Beauty.'

An easy design to do and pretty as well. I have several LHN designs and like to stitch these as well as some of my larger projects.
Just watch this space!
I see my followers have topped 200 wow,
I shall be doing a Givaway to mark this occasion!
Thank you all for your lovely comments and encouragement, especially for my Chatelaine design which I am still stitching.
Chris xx