Monday 13 September 2021

I've not quite given up blogging.

 We are enjoying our life in Wales. and getting organised slowly, very slowly. Its almost as though we're recovering from all the stress of selling and buying.. 

I haven't given up blogging but just not done any craft work. Crocheting seemed to aggravate my arthritis, so I have left it for the moment. But 2 shawls I've made in the past have been taken by my step daughter. One for my MIL and one for herself.

This sweet pea one for her nan (my mil)
And this one for herself.

So my blankets are decreasing but I do have 4 more, plus quilts I've sewn.

We've lots to do all the time, but slow some days, but it will get done eventually.

With everything going on, (new bathroom to be fitted on 27th) I've a hankering to make a scrappy quilt, dare I?/

I'm blogging on my newsy blog here..


Tuesday 13 April 2021


 Quite a bit done; I am joining the rows and I have the centre circles done for the next 6 rows. But I've seen a  blanket with only 2 treble cluster stitch crochet, and alternate rows in a light colour  and I really love it. It looked so different and pretty. 

But the whole point of doing this one is to use up my stash, so I mustn't start another one, must I??

I've had evenings when I haven't picked this up. My second vaccine made my arm even more achy than my first and I seemed to have had a serious reactions at the jab site. My arm was swollen and red. It's eased off now but not nice at the time. And I couldn't crochet
My anxiety is less as our house sale seems to be moving along at last. Yeh! (link)
We should be able to move second or third week of May. Hope I'll be able to sleep then. I do hope so,  this insomnia is horrible.


Wednesday 24 March 2021

A new very colourful project.

 I haven't given up on this blog, just been quietly and very slowly doing my new project, which is this very colourful blanket.

It's suppose to be  stash buster but I had to buy 6 new colours to make it!

I'm loving doing it and am following the colour palette of Marion of completed blanket is on her blog

I am writing about our moving house on my other blog,


Thursday 11 February 2021

Finished at last


 I started this a while ago and have thoroughly enjoyed doing it, but   because the stitch is one where  you go into the row below, so sort  of two rows equalled one,  it has taken me a while.  Its called 'snuggle' stitch and is really thick and heavy. It's a Marion Mitchel's design called Copenhagen, I used yarn from my stash plus a couple of Style Craft variegated colours, a blue and lime green to match Marion's.

I did sew in the ends and did a boarder of  5 rows of linen stitch matching the colours..

Now? Probably, another crochet throw because it keeps me occupied and stops me snacking!