Wednesday 24 December 2014

Happy Christmas All

   Hope everyone has a very Happy Christmas and that you are able to share this holy time with your family and friends..
Chris x

Monday 15 December 2014

Christmas is coming!!

I have been very busy making things for Christmas.
This is a quilted runner for our side board.
 This is on our table not the side board because the side board is full of presents waiting to be wrapped!
 It's not such an orangy red but you can see the design. A nine square block in the middle and then surrounded by strips. I can't wait now to get the side board 'dressed' with this and all the little Christmassy things we normally put out, included our angel and then in the centre our Christmas cake, which always takes pride of place. Of course it isn't iced yet, a pleasure still to come!
And I have made another After Eight Box. It looks the same colour but it is a totally different colour.
I am half way through a crochet shawl for my daughter in charcoal grey, Yes dark grey, Of all the beautiful variegated yarns she could have chosen, she wanted dark grey. I will have finished it by the end of this week, hopefully!
Happy Christmas to all, there are  only 11 days to go!

Monday 8 December 2014

I haven't been idle!!

I knitted this little shawlette from yarn I bought at Yaledale.. its on a hanger not on me as I am having a bad hair day! (I have an appointment tomorrow with my magic girl who makes me look 10 years younger with my hair crafted!!)
 Very bright colours and just garter stitch but very effective with the multi colours and the dog tooth edging. Sorry I can't remember where I bought the pattern from
 And I have made this After Eight box.. I have the materials to make another one which I will do this week.. just a little present for my friend and a little extra for my daughter.
Christmas is just round the corner and I seem to be on top of everything...... except this morning I have realised that the crochet shawl that I am making for my daughter is on a too small sized hook.. grrrr shall I undo and redo??? Probably because it isn't lacy enough. So I shall be busy over the next week to get it done!
Hope everyone is having a happy pre-Christmas time and is not too rushed to find time and look at the beautifully decorated shop windows and sigh!