Wednesday 26 June 2013

200th Follower Give-away.

A big thank you to all you peeps that follow my blog and leave such wonderful comments, they are so encouraging.. I love to read them all.

So here are my little gifts to celebrate reaching 200 followers (now risen to 211!)
It includes a patchwork pin cushion, a quilted needle case, a quilted fan design zip up purse,( I use a purse like this for my scissors, rotary cutter and un-picker)  All made by me in a selection of very pretty pinky  fabrics, also a  card of pins and a pretty little scissors.

Here is a close up of the little cutey scissors, when I saw these in the little haberdashery in my home town in Wales, I knew they were perfect for gifts.

To enter:-

You have to be a follower.
Promote my give-away on your own blog.
Leave your name and email address in a comment.

I will draw the winner on Saturday July 6th.


Monday 24 June 2013

Granny progress.

Still crocheting!! And I am making good progress. I have been crocheting my granny squares and have left everything else. The other evening we were sitting with the TV on and Dh suddenly said..'I admire your patience in carrying on with your blanket' on seeing my squares increasing. I didn't like to say out loud but I certainly thought... that's a silly thing to say, I could do this all day and all night, trouble is house work etc keeps getting in the way! LOL

I have decided not to do just granny squares in my  blanket, but to include them in a design that involves crocheting 'rounds' around them. As you can see I am now going round each square with the cream yarn. On thing to note is that I have sewn in all the ends as I go, so don't have that task to do when it is finished.

 There is no separate colour matches just very colourful. And I love deep pinks and reds so it will be bright. I can't wait to get it finished.

 Hope you too have something that you love doing.

Happy hooking!

Monday 17 June 2013

Where does the time go to?


Time is rushing by and on checking my blog I see that I started blogging end of July 2008, so  I will be sorting out another present for my followers then..Where did those 5 years go to?

Thank you to all of you that leave a comment it is very encouraging and I am slowly making my way through the list of followers. What is sad to see that some have stopped blogging, and I often wonder why? Did they get fed up, work too busy, illness or discouraged by some silly remark left on their blog? I hope not the last reason, as  I like to think that in blog land we are all really nice people with hearts of gold!

'Keep calm and carry on blogging!'

Thank you again to all my followers.

Sunday 16 June 2013

Gardening in the sun.

We have spent the afternoon gardening and it is begining to show how much we have done.
The flowers are now  beginning to flower; all late because of the late spring.
This heron was my Aunt's pride and joy, she used to repaint it each year and I did at first, but I think it looks better not so white. It seems to  blend in better with the variegated grasses and foxgloves with the look of ageing. Saying that she died in 1990, and she had had it for a few years before that, so it is old!
It was she that brought me up with my grand mother after my mother died when I was two, and I still miss her. She would have loved this garden and would have been so proud of my successes!
When ever she came to stay from Wales, where I had labels on my seeds in the garden, she used to tease me by saying, the labels had grown!
My pots which I do every year and grow most of the flowers from seed. It keeps me busy and happy to see the all the colours. I never have themed colour beds or pots I like all the colours together.
And this is our tiny veg patch. We have another at the top of the garden and of course I grow quite a few plants in the green house. Edging the path are strawberries and they are already ripening.
This bottom end is my herb garden, today we had mint to complement our lamb dinner
And this evening we ate our Sunday tea outside in the sunshine. With our salmon we had our own salad leaves, lettuce and radish DH's favourites. Lots of other veggies to come and hopefully this year I will have avoided blight on my tomatoes. Last year the whole outside plants were affected although we did have a good crop from the green house plants.

I am crocheting at the moment and may be showing soon, although I still have a lot to do to get this project finished.
Happy Days

Wednesday 12 June 2013

A beautiful walk

We live within a stone's throw of a 90 acre meadow. Although council owned, of course like a lot of places today it is maintained by volunteers.

It is a beautiful place with wild life, wild flowers and an abundance of blackberries and sloes in the Autumn..
Nell loves to run free there but checks now and then if we are behind her! Today we did hide behind a bush, and she came racing back to find us.
This is what we saw today..
And a close up.
So you can see why we love living here.
Dh took the photos!
A happy time and a lovely walk.

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Hacked email

Hi All

I haven't posted for a while and now I am writing to apologise.. If you have received an odd email from me, it was not me..  My email has been hacked.

I am very sorry if you received anything...I moderate for our local Free Cycle and a lot of spam comes through so I can only think this is why my email have been compromised.

I will be posting about things I have been doing and also my 'give away' to celebrate my 200 followers in the next few days.

Not enough hours in the day to get everything done!!

Happy Days