Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Yes it's my New Year Resolution again, and again , and again....

So it's to lose weight.. but I have my SD wedding in August so it's a real must do!
I know when I follow the SW plan I can lose weight and I have done it in the past. Today was my first day and it was ok. DH has put away the left over chocs, sweets and tin of short bread biscuits, because out of sight is out of mind!!
Have you made any?

I love Mary's
To be even more awesome!!

Monday, 31 December 2018

So that was a small crafty 2018

 Socks for #2 GS.. A ripple throw to use some of my stash.
 Two pram blankets donated to my local charity shop, another effort to use up some of my stash.

 I really enjoyed knitting these so will make some more.
 A scarf/ shawl for myself I love this pattern.

 Fingerless gloves knitted from left over sock wool.
 I made 6 of these for our patio chairs, I 'd had the fabric for yonks!

9 Little Ferrero Rocher Christmas tree fairies for friends.
 And last but not least an elf for a little girl, who it seems loves him and takes him to bed!
And that was all the craft things I did in 2018, I will make a better effort in 2019; but I did read 100 books!!
A Happy and Healthy New Year to all and hope you will all achieve your dreams what ever they may be.


Sunday, 30 December 2018

Blogland friends are amazing

I have received these amazing woven teacloths from Joanne Noragon.
They are beautiful and although I would think they'd work well as cloths, to me they are much too nice to use in such a way.

So I shall have them on an open shelf for all to see.

Thank you Joanne, a most unexpected gift. I feel honoured to have received such a wonderful woven cloth and I love the golden yellow colour.
Thank you again.


Friday, 28 December 2018

Now it's over!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas time, we did with DH daughters here with their partners and 10 month old GS. 
And on Christmas day my #1DS too, so a house full.
But now it's all over we have the house to ourselves and the peace is lovely.
My lovely DH gave me the Attic24 Sweet Pea pack, yippee I 'll be starting her CAL beginning of January.
And my SD gave me this clock which goes outside, can't wait to see it up 
I feel spoilt for getting all the things I really love
Plus Books....Michelle Obama's book, plus 'How to Quilt as You Go.' The ' Ripple Patterns', book, I 've read this through umpteen times already! I want to make them all.  Nigella Lawsons 'Simply Nigella' and Kate Morton's 'The Clockmaker's Daughter' And some honey hand creams, and diary for all those dates we'd forget if I didn't have them written down. 
A truly lovely time although exhausting at times, we've both collapsed today and been happy to do nothing. 
How was your Christmas?


Thursday, 20 December 2018

Today is my birthday

I can't believe I 'm the age I am, except my knees are creaky and I go up and down stairs one at a time! When did that happen???
So has your age overtaken you?


Wednesday, 19 December 2018


This is an Alan Dart pattern knitted for some one I  know, whose  daughter said she wanted an elf.
It was a very fiddly knit and caused me some 'air clearing' moments!
But she loved it.

Back to my cardi knitting, much easier!


Sunday, 16 December 2018

Christmas is coming.

Not a good photo but here is our stairs with the cross stitch ornaments  I did a few years ago. There are 12 I did one a month.

Quite difficult trying to get up the garlands as I can't lift my arm, but Dh managed to tie the bows with me instructing him.


Saturday, 8 December 2018

From bits to .....a Christmas tree ornament.

Do you remember this?  Well it all turned out to these.
Each skirt holds a Ferrero Rocher They were quite fiddly to knit but very enjoyable. No good asking me for the pattern because apart from the head which was a Christmas pudding pattern found on line, I did the rest by 'guess'!! 
I saw something like this a while ago and looked online but couldn't find any.
If you could look closely you'd see the little over dresses are all slightly different, where I forgot what I had done on a previous one. 

This one is hanging on a garden tree because we haven't put up our own Christmas tree yet.
Hope Mr Postie doesn't squash them too much!

Have you made any Christmas pressies?