Monday 28 June 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

I have wanted to make a quilt for quite a while and having made patchwork and quilted tote bags I decided to try some thing bigger.
I have read books, I have books and belong to a forum all explaining how to, but I thought I can read for ever and listen to others on how to, but I really need to just have a go!
I bought a super Husquava machine four years ago, which can do all manner of things and have hardly used it... anyway here are my efforts. My triangle points don't quite meet but  I have tried!
I am delighted with my results albeit the fabric is very bright, but I love it and it is for our conservatory which is our sunny room and where we sit for our morning coffee and I sit and cross stitch some days, as the light is so bright! I should have sewn some darker fabric in the blocks of the quilt but I so loved the fabric I didn't really think, but the dark green sashing shows it off so I am happy with it.
I think I will make a wintery throw next and cushions to match, which will be more suited in the winter months.
Perhaps some christmassy fabric.. I don't think I could sew and bigger quilt at this stage of learning how to as I found the quilting daunting but did it, along the seams which is called 'in the ditch'. I loved seeing it grow so I think you could say I have the bug!

And I have some cross stitch to show as well.
The little Blackbird design is a pin cushion design, but I am framing it as it will go with a whole lot of smalls in my house in Essex. I needed something quick and easy after the angst of the Margaret Perry design!!
 I have also stitched one of my WIPs, my  'Summer'Celtic Lady and have stitched the next Stitch and Stash, RR which was Lynn's Butterflies, much easier than the Margaret Perry design.
I am going to do just a bit more on this and then back to my Golden Gate Bridge 'Houses.' Of course as well as all this stitching and sewing I have planted my summer pots and garden and written several short stories... And DH and I have decorated our hall, stairs and landing in a week. I must admit that we have both had some aches and pains after we had finished and were so glad to sit and relax last friday evening knowing we didn't have to pick up another paint brush the next day!! did I have time to go to work??
Happy stitching, gardening and whatever else you like to do.
PS. Like other bloggers I am suspicious of comments in Chinese but having translated them they are all harmless Chinese sayings, so I leave them...

Saturday 12 June 2010

Round Robin; My Pride and Joy!

This is Tina's piece for the S&S Round Robin.
I stitched June and that's partly why I haven't written anything here because I have been busy stitching and frogging this!! Margaret Sherry designs have odd little half stitches and some in the middle of a whole bank of stitching so needless to say I won't be buying any for me!!  LOL
This will be lovely when it is finished, Clare stitched February and Dusty stitched May.
And the other reason is my garden. I have been busy planting up my patio pots and this is my hanging basket.
All the plants were bought as plugs and grown on in the green house. I am very proud of this as it is in my eyes magnificent!!

Lots more to do in the garden as with the snow I was late planting my seeds and the plants are only now big enough to plant out.
Happy days everyone.