Wednesday 14 June 2017

Frogging and arm news

Yes I made a mistake with my Sunshine and Showers blanket! I thought I'd be ready to show the first two sections, but no... so I shall be re-doing it.
I need to be organised as I have had THE phone call and my operation is booked for 17th July at the London Orthopaedic hospital.
I feel 'confabulated' Criky, after all this waiting, it's imminent!!! But I can't go on living with only use of one arm, apart from the inconvenience,  because my arm stays very close to my body, I feel I might over balance when I am walking. I use my pretty walking stick but I am oh so slow. This afternoon we went to Southwold, now just a 20min drive for us. It was wonderful, the sun was shining but on the prom there was a slightly cooler breeze, so very pleasant. I walked nearly 4000 steps( I made it up to 4000 as soon as we got home, just walking down the garden.) When we got home we had a 'mimms' a Slimming World mock pimms. It's lemonade with balsamic vinegar, ice and sliced fruit and it is delish.. yes after a disastrous start at SW here in Suffolk, this last week I lost 1.5 pounds, (3 packs of butter!!!) So I am back in the zone!
Chris x