Friday 25 November 2022

Grey or dyed??

 In three weeks', time I will be celebrating very big birthday, my hair has gone very grey. My cousin who dyes her own hair says it makes me look very old. Duh? I am old and so is she, as she is my age.

My husband has a lot of hair which is very white, he is very proud of it and he only goes to have it cut when it really needs it! I have a lot of hair too, albeit grey. He and I are very happy, married now 17 years and he is happy with my hair colour.  It means we are growing old together, which is lovely as I love him very much. Many people don't get to be my age, so I'm really pleased that I am this age.

This past week we had what we thought was a good idea; we would do a supermarket shop instead of having a delivery, which we have had since the first lockdown, March 2020. Oh my gosh it was awful. There were no disable parking spaces free, it was tipping down with rain and the huge car park was full. We did get a space not too far from the entrance and there was a gentleman who was unloading his trolley next to us, so I had that to push to the store. 

 Inside, it wasn't so crowded, but we didn't know where certain foods were. There were trolleys left in the middle of aisles, blocking the way for everyone else; why do people do that? We came out vowing we'll have deliveries again! I was exhausted and waited in a pick-up area for Dh to come for me. I've never felt so old.

But here I am, grey hair, stretchmarks, wrinkles, sunspots and scars and I am over weight, But I am who I am and I'm still here. And I love my life.

Inside my head I'm not the age I am. Somedays I'm only 18 and starting my nursing training. I have very clear memories being in my very first kitchen as a new wife and reading the label on the back of frozen veg, I couldn't cook, but I didn't poison us! Then I am 21 looking down at my first baby, my daughter. When ABBA won the European Song Contest, my daughter and I danced all around the house and that week I made us matching satin shorts.  I can see my three sons standing together on the drive of our first Billericay house wearing the duffle coats I'd made them; I was such a proud mum and loved it when my children were young. I loved my teaching years and at this time of year I remember the Christmas concerts where I played the piano. How did I do that?

So, my hair might make me look old to some people but the other week in the SW meeting, another member said how lovely I looked. It did me good, why aren't there more people in the world who are willing to build each other up instead of tearing each other down? We need more people to encourage us to embrace who we are, we ourselves need to rock the bodies God gave us and be happy with ourselves just as we are. I'll still use my beauty cream on my face and neck each night and morning, and look after my teeth and hair, just because I'm old, I don't want to let myself go!

What do you think about grey hair?


Thursday 17 November 2022


I'm not a great football fan but I will be watching Wales, I'd like them to get a few wins and would be over the moon if they did win.
And I love the song, which I looked up right away to sing the words. Dh and I have been having Welsh lessons, 2 two-hour sessions a week. I do remember some from Junior school, but have a problem stringing the words together and the pronunciation of some, but we're having a good go, but laugh at our attempts. The words look so strange, but we have favourites.
Dh's favourite is smwddio= ironing.
Mine is ...archfarchnad=supermarket
Quite a mouthful I think you'll agree.
Thank you for the comments on Charities, yes I feel guilty if I say no too.


Here are the words if you want to sing along.

Dwyt ti'm yn cofio Macsen
Does neb yn ei nabod o;
Mae mil a chwe chant o flynyddoedd
Yn amser rhy hir i'r cof;
Pan aeth Magnus Maximus o Gymru
Yn y flwyddyn tri-chant-wyth-tri
A'n gadael yn genedl gyfan
A heddiw: wele ni!

Ry'n ni yma o hyd
Ry'n ni yma o hyd
Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth
Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth
Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth
Ry'n ni yma o hyd
Ry'n ni yma o hyd
Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth
Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth
Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth
Ry'n ni yma o hyd

Chwythed y gwynt o'r Dwyrain
Rhued y storm o'r môr
Hollted y mellt yr wybren
A gwaedded y daran encôr
Llifed dagrau'r gwangalon
A llyfed y taeog y llawr
Er dued yw'r fagddu o'n cwmpas
Ry'n ni'n barod am doriad y wawr!

Monday 14 November 2022

Why do they do this??


This Pudding, she is in her second year of training to be a Guide dog for the sight impaired. it's the second dog I've sponsored. The Association were appealing for new sponsors in our high street a couple of months ago, we stopped to speak to them. I mentioned I was already sponsoring a dog and she was my second, so she asked would I take part in their lottery, but I do that as well and buy their raffle tickets 3 times a year; She still asked could I not sponsor another dog! I said no, as I think I give them a fair amount already.

My other regular monthly charity is the Macular Society and I take part in their lottery as well as a monthly contribution. And a surprise was I've won £5 twice in the last few months. They often send me 'bumff' which includes a request for more money. I phoned and asked them to stop sending me letters as I thought it was a waste of money.

Each Christmas I chose a couple of charities and give them money, this includes, Beds for the Homeless and Smile for children born in 3rd World Countries born with a hair lip.

And this time of year, I get requests for money from different charities. So, when you give to one, they must pass your name around and hence the letters. 

And also, this is the time of year when Pudsey the bear pops up with various very well-off celebrities on TV, smiling very nicely asking for people with a good deal less money to ...give, give, give.

It makes me feel like cancelling my regular giving, because it seems to me, I am like many being targeted as a soft touch.

How do you feel about all these adverts on TV from wealthy celebrities all asking for us to give money to their charities? 


Saturday 12 November 2022

What do you love best??

 I can't say it enough...' I love books!' And am delighted to see that Jane Harper's book, 'The Dry' which was made into a film, is now available on some 'streaming' services. The opening passage of this book was so vividly written I read it through my fingers covering my eyes! The book shop in Southwold featured it and had the floor covered with sandy bits and dried grass, which the manager said was difficult to keep fresh, so it was swept up each night and re-done each morning. Wow, it was a good book! I hope the film does it justice.

It amazes me how authors think up their stories. A real favourite of mine is Charity Norman, who writes a totally different story each time and none have ever failed to take me away into a different world. When I finished reading her last one. 'Remember Me,' I was bereft and was lost as to what I would read next, what story would give me that excitement when I was on my way to bed; my best reading time and place.

Next month I have a significant birthday, a really big, big number and what have I asked for?? A book by Chris Hammer, his latest.

I've been to quite a few authors talks and some draft writing by hand, some have a story board, and some don't know the ending before they start!! 
Patrick Gale, said he didn't even write the story in chronological order, but wrote chapters as the story came to him.
This was an excellent story..
 I always say of presents, I've probably got it and if I haven't, I didn't want it!! But I'd never say no to a book!

Are you passionate about books?


Friday 11 November 2022

Lest we Forget

Just thinking we'll all miss our Queen at the cenotaph this first time without her.. Long live King Charles 3rd.