Friday, 25 November 2022

Grey or dyed??

 In three weeks', time I will be celebrating very big birthday, my hair has gone very grey. My cousin who dyes her own hair says it makes me look very old. Duh? I am old and so is she, as she is my age.

My husband has a lot of hair which is very white, he is very proud of it and he only goes to have it cut when it really needs it! I have a lot of hair too, albeit grey. He and I are very happy, married now 17 years and he is happy with my hair colour.  It means we are growing old together, which is lovely as I love him very much. Many people don't get to be my age, so I'm really pleased that I am this age.

This past week we had what we thought was a good idea; we would do a supermarket shop instead of having a delivery, which we have had since the first lockdown, March 2020. Oh my gosh it was awful. There were no disable parking spaces free, it was tipping down with rain and the huge car park was full. We did get a space not too far from the entrance and there was a gentleman who was unloading his trolley next to us, so I had that to push to the store. 

 Inside, it wasn't so crowded, but we didn't know where certain foods were. There were trolleys left in the middle of aisles, blocking the way for everyone else; why do people do that? We came out vowing we'll have deliveries again! I was exhausted and waited in a pick-up area for Dh to come for me. I've never felt so old.

But here I am, grey hair, stretchmarks, wrinkles, sunspots and scars and I am over weight, But I am who I am and I'm still here. And I love my life.

Inside my head I'm not the age I am. Somedays I'm only 18 and starting my nursing training. I have very clear memories being in my very first kitchen as a new wife and reading the label on the back of frozen veg, I couldn't cook, but I didn't poison us! Then I am 21 looking down at my first baby, my daughter. When ABBA won the European Song Contest, my daughter and I danced all around the house and that week I made us matching satin shorts.  I can see my three sons standing together on the drive of our first Billericay house wearing the duffle coats I'd made them; I was such a proud mum and loved it when my children were young. I loved my teaching years and at this time of year I remember the Christmas concerts where I played the piano. How did I do that?

So, my hair might make me look old to some people but the other week in the SW meeting, another member said how lovely I looked. It did me good, why aren't there more people in the world who are willing to build each other up instead of tearing each other down? We need more people to encourage us to embrace who we are, we ourselves need to rock the bodies God gave us and be happy with ourselves just as we are. I'll still use my beauty cream on my face and neck each night and morning, and look after my teeth and hair, just because I'm old, I don't want to let myself go!

What do you think about grey hair?



Poppypatchwork said...

I too have grey hair, wrinkles, and all the other scars of a good life lived, and like you my age and how old I look is not defining me. Yes there are loads of things I can't do anymore, some I miss so much. Hubby and I always laugh as cars stop to let the old couple cross the road, this part of our lives still has so much to offer.

Frugally challenged said...

I love my grey hair! One of my friends went grey in her twenties and she always looked so chic so I had a great role model.

I've got scars from a road accident, knee replacement, bilateral mastectomy, oophorectomy and other minor surgical bits and pieces. I'm overweight or rather under-tall. But my creaking, often painful body is my friend and we are happy to be together. Long may that last!

Margaret said...

I love my grey hairs and as I tell the hairdresser “I have earned every one of them”. Indeed I wish there were more😲. My younger brother and sister are greyer than I and I admit to envy of that.
Well done you. I’m sure you look beautiful.

Angela said...

I'm 67, overweight, wrinkly, poor eyesight, dodgy teeth, feeble knees, and grey haired. I stopped dyeing it when the pandemic started. It's in much better condition now. My daughter has given me some purple shampoo. It does NOT make my hair purple, but it keeps the grey silvery rather than dull. My OH needs glasses too. So he doesn't see the wrinkles! We are blessed to be growing old together, and we celebrate each new day with joy and love

happyone said...

I had very dark hair and started going gray very young. I did dye it for a while but I love my silver/white hair.

Joy said...

Such a lovely post, thank you.
I love my grey hair too and wouldn't dream of covering up in any way (apart from a hat in cold weather!). We are what we are and when I see how people have damaged their hair with all sorts of products to colour and conceal - well, I feel sorry for them really.

meandmysmallcorner said...

A life well lived so far with so many happy memories and so many more still to make. We are who we are and that should be celebrated for all that means.
Thank you for such a lovely personal post it was so good to read. Grey hair...absolutely :-)

Rosie said...

You have so many lovely memories and still lots to make too. I too have grey hair and like my mum went grey quite early. I could never be bothered with the faff of colouring it so it has stayed with me, just as if the dark brown colour I was had washed out over the years. I hope when your special birthday arrives you have a wonderful celebration:)

Sandy said...

I let my hair go natural a good number of years ago and get compliments on it all the time. It's whiteish silver and I like it. So does my hubby of 50+ years. None of my SIL's have let their hair go natural, they all are still dying it; but I don't think it makes them look younger than me. All of their husbands are gray and balding so it's pretty obvious what age bracket they all fall into. I've never used face cream so don't have that in common with you; but the memories I nodded in agreement on all of them. Enjoy another year around the sun as they say.

Sandra said...

I'm 71 and have grey hair but there is still a lot of dark at the back and I wish it would all go white. I took my 92 year old Mother to the dentist last week and there was a lady in the waiting room, with the most awful hair colour, obviously out of a bottle, it looked just like that old brown furniture that people seem to hate nowadays. If people can't say nice things, they should keep their mouths shut. Embrace your grey hair, it will suit your complexion much better than anything out of a bottle.