Thursday 21 March 2019

And now I 'm ........

The thing about knitting is I can watch TV at the same time
 And it is very relaxing..

But what pattern to do??

 I like them both, which would you choose? I like the stripes but perhaps different colours. I have grey, lemon and baby blue that could be nice with a navy in between..

Decision made!


Tuesday 19 March 2019

TA-DA at last!

I have finished my Attic24 Sweet pea blanket at last and I haven't even done it full size. It was a single bed size but I only wanted a throw for our summer house settee. I chose the Posy colour sequence and the border is my own design and I love it. 
It is squishy and soft and in my eyes lovely.
I love the colours and with the remainder of the yarn I shall do some cushions but with a different stitch. I have thoroughly enjoyed crocheting this and would do another Lucy blanket although we don't need it,  I just like the crocheting. DH bought me the pack as a Christmas present. I asked because I know men can't read minds!
Anyone else ever crochet a Lucy blanket?


Sunday 3 March 2019


As you can see I have done quite a bit of my sweet pea blanket. I think I have 5 more colours in Lucy's colour order to finish part three. I shall do my best to get a few done today, so I can get on with all those other projects I have on the go. I think next will be to finish a child's cardigan, something easy!


Saturday 2 March 2019

Left over yarn

I belong to the CAL for the sweet pea blanket, I am on part three.  I am not making it bigger,  but will be doing the border next as it will be big enough as a throw for our summer house settee. But on the FB page people are asking what do you do with your left over yarn. I did this poncho with Lucy Attic 24 pattern just like hers. 
Last week I gave it to a charity shop as I thought I 'd wear it gardening, but it wasn't lose enough. 
I enjoyed doing it so that was my pleasure. In fact looking back at this blog, most of the cross stitch I did was for gifts or raks or exchanges so I need to do some for me!
I have 6 wips so I need to be more focused and get stitching! Plus I have 2 knitting projects to finish And a quilt.. oh dear quite a lot on the go!
How many stitchy things and/ or any other projects do you have on the go?