Monday 23 September 2013

A short break 'with a difference.'

We thought it would be nice to have a little breakaway, somewhere not too far and by the sea with lots going on, somewhere we could take the dog with us.
We went to Ramsgate in Kent, last week.. it was raining when we got there.. it rained the next day but in spite of that,  we drove off to visit here, the harbour. We sat under the awning of a coffee shop, and I also had up my umbrella! But it was good coffee and we enjoyed looking at the quay and sitting there 'people watching.'

It wasn't warm,  but not deterred we had a walk into the town, bought some fish and chips and took them back to the cottage where we were staying. It rained all afternoon.. it did stop for a short time about 7 o'clock so we went for a walk and found the coast. But it was all cliffs so we couldn't let the dog off the lead in case she went after a seagull and charged over the cliffs. It rained Sunday too, but we found a pub outside Ramsgate which served an excellent Sunday dinner and joy of joys allowed dogs.
In fact that Sunday lunch time there were three dogs in that pub and people coming in had no idea. They were all,  like ours tucked behind one of our chairs chair and quietly lying down.

We did visit Canterbury and used the Park and Ride, Nell had problems getting on the bus, we had to hoist her on!  She is very good in towns and often people stop to pet her, she is pretty dog. We loved it there and had a very pleasant day there.

Although we had a break, Ramsgate was not for us. The town was heavily littered and quite a few shops boarded up, quite disappointing. The contrast between where we live and there was too great, our town is very clean, no litter and no boarded up shops, in fact it is thriving. Ramsgate was not what we expected, very different to where we live and we were so glad to get home. It's one saving grace in our eyes, was that it had a Waitrose where we shopped for water, as the tap water was so heavily chlorinated, tea tasted like disinfectant. And because we were often sheltering in from the rain I did a lot of knitting!

Ah well..... there is always another time when we can have a break taking the dog with us! I think it will be back to Norfolk or even just our lovely Southend on Sea, where we have been today and were too hot!

Friday 6 September 2013

To answer your questions/ The Fibonacci sequence

The Fibonacci sequence is 1,1,2,3,5,8,13, 21,34,55... as you can see it is adding the two previous number together and when these numbers are squared and placed along side each other they make a spiral..
But don't take my word for it but search for it, the pictures are extra-ordinary.

Search for images of the fibonacci sequence and you'll  be amazed at the photos of nature that follow this sequence.

Isn't it beautiful?
Who ever designed this was amazing!
We sing a worship song... title? 
Our  God is an Amazing God!

Monday 2 September 2013

Look what the birds gave us!

 Feeding the birds we often get seeds that seed themselves and grow in the garden. I pull them up, but DH asked that this one could grow
And isn't it a magnificant flower?
A beautuful sunflower and if you are into maths or a teacher you will know that this seed head follows the fibonacci sequence of numbers.
Some thing I taught and grew sunflowers just to demonstrate the sequence in my teaching days.

I am glad DH said to let this one grow, it is a sight to behold each morning.
. Don't you wonder how such a huge flower can grow from such a small dropped seed?
The beauty of nature can't be beaten and it's all a gift from God.

Happy Days everyone xxx