Tuesday 13 April 2021


 Quite a bit done; I am joining the rows and I have the centre circles done for the next 6 rows. But I've seen a  blanket with only 2 treble cluster stitch crochet, and alternate rows in a light colour  and I really love it. It looked so different and pretty. 

But the whole point of doing this one is to use up my stash, so I mustn't start another one, must I??

I've had evenings when I haven't picked this up. My second vaccine made my arm even more achy than my first and I seemed to have had a serious reactions at the jab site. My arm was swollen and red. It's eased off now but not nice at the time. And I couldn't crochet
My anxiety is less as our house sale seems to be moving along at last. Yeh! (link)
We should be able to move second or third week of May. Hope I'll be able to sleep then. I do hope so,  this insomnia is horrible.