Thursday 25 May 2023

Hedge gone./new Fence!

 When we moved into our bungalow, which will be two years on the 6th June, I said right away I didn't like the very high hedge, which went all round three sides of the property. Everyone I knew said, it would cost too much to have it removed and it was nicely green! Environmentalists said it would be alive with insects and birds and what a shame to remove it. But they didn't have the headache of getting it cut, nor the cost. The cost has risen over the two years and is now close on £1500 each year! But guess what.... it had no birds in it and apart from the odd spider or ant not a lot of anything else.. And as it was my hedge I have had it taken out and a fence in its place. 

We still have the Copper Beach hedge down one side and the half size one that edges the front garden. And now this wonderful fence! We plan to grow some small garden trees and at the top perhaps a Bramley and a Victoria plum. As well as roses and shrubs, I'm delighted and love it. We have gained extra ground,  where the hedge had grown out as well as up. I have plans and can't wait to go out and buy new plants. I already have bought three roses, 'Sweet Syrie,' 'Chanfos Beauty' which I saw on the Chelsey Flower show TV last evening, its so exciting.. Watch this space!


Sunday 7 May 2023

Yes I did after all.


Yes I watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Shame it rained for all the street parties and picnics planned and the people who had camped out along the Mal were soaked, but it didn't dampen their enthusiasm.
King Charles and Queen Camila were very regal with their crowns. Charles looked very emotional when William was swearing his allegiance.
Loved the Princess Royal riding the horse behind the gold carriage.
The Princess of Wales, Kate as  beautiful as ever and little Charlotte dress just like her mum. And proud Prince George as lead Page carrying the long King's cloak. Wasn't Louis lovely singing the National Anthem. 
An amazing day!
Did you watch?


Monday 1 May 2023

Getting ready for summer.

 It might not look a lot, but this is our start in the garden. One flower-bed weeded and edged, flowers to come are lupins, sea holly, verbena and aquilegia.. as well as dahlias, and my seedlings of antirrhinums and zinnias.. so come summer full of flowers and colour. 

The daffodils have gone and the tulips have started to drop their petals.
We decided to list some manageable jobs and keep to that today; its very easy to carry on and exhaust ourselves!
To day I've potted on some tomato plants and Dh has cleared the patio of the old herb box, we have a new larger pot. Cleared away the odds and bods and the extra patio furniture ready for a builder to lay a new patio. 
I'm very excited about it and can't wait, but wait we must as the builder has been held up on his other job with all the rain!!
We did sit out and admire what we had done, and by next week we hope to get the other flower beds done and me pot on some more seedlings.
I love my garden.
Are you getting ready too?