Friday 29 April 2016

A Week Away

We have had a week away in Southwold.. we had all four seasons in one day nearly every day. Rain, hail SNOW and sunshine!! Our cottage was very high spec and catered for our every need. Very comfortable and full central heating,  which with weather we really needed. And when the weather was horrid, we sat in and drank very good coffee, ate cherry almond tray bake and read, it was perfect. And when the sun shone, I walked.
I walked every day, yes me! I even walked 1.2 miles on Thursday, the most I have done for a very long time.
I coped with my arm ok,  as I do have it in a support as well as the sling but the ache goes on and on.. but we did enjoy ourselves and ate well. I am dreading weighing in the morning, but what ever I am back on the food plan and if I can commit myself to walking every day,  I can keep to this food plan..We needed the break and Southwold is such a lovely little town The beach huts sell for between £75,000 to £120,000, would you believe that?  They are very pretty but all that money for a hut???
Hope the weather warms up soon, my seedlings grew while we were away so I shall be potting some on this weekend and I have a gardener booked next week, I shall have a tidy garden again.. yeh!

Thursday 14 April 2016


Yesterday was my post op. appointment with the surgeon. He did not have good news. This second op has not succeeded in keeping my bone together. The crisscross wires have held and the bolt through my bone, but the small plate at the shoulder end of my bone has come away and the' pins' supposingly holding it in place look on the x-ray as though they are coming out. I did say right away to him,  that I am not having anything else done for the moment as after this second op. the pain has been unbearable. So he agreed and I have a further appointment to see him in 5 weeks time but I am going to ask for a second opinion as to what can be done... he is a very nice person and a technically good surgeon, with a very good reputation,  but I can only take so much. I am upset as you can imagine, the thought of living the rest of my life like this is daunting.. I have had a bad night waking and crying, we were drinking tea at 3:30am again!
Lots of prayers needed please!

Monday 11 April 2016

Crafty bits

I did this before my first op.  March 10th Lots more squares which are lovely to knit as they don't take long and easy to do.
 And this little cross stitch is finished as far as I'm concerned. There is a little bit more that is in the design at the top, but I am happy with it as it is. 
I will make it into something when I can sew again.
Update on my arm, I still  have pain and of course I can't use it, but I feel better in myself. I am showered and dressed each day now and that makes me feel better. I have a hospital check up on Wednesday, so hopefully all will be well and the x-rays will show my bone has held together.
Thank you for all the messages, they are wonderful to read. 

Sunday 3 April 2016

All over bar the pain!

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers it has been lovely to come home and read them all.   So I am home and all done, but a lot of pain. I came home yesterday, in a hospital gown with my skirt and jacket over it, as the dressing is too big to put my arm into my blouse sleeve. This time I have a rod through the bone, wires crisscrossed from the top to the bottom and part plated, so that should hold it. I have strict instructions  about not moving my arm up or away from my body so I guess I will be in a hospital gown for a few days, anyway it is too painful to move.  DH  will help me to shower with just the hose part of the shower to keep the dressing dry.  My arm will be shorter but I can still reach my mouth to eat so what the heck???
We stopped off at one of the many Costas and brought home a coffee and of course a raspberry almond slice and we sat in the garden drinking it. So that made me feel I am really home.
My mother's cousin has just phoned from Porthcawl, my home town where I was born,  to arrange for us, my cousin from Shropshire and herself all to meet when we are down there. This is the first year ever that I didn't go to Wales on the weekend of Psalm Sunday to put flowers on my mother's  grave, we are to go in June.. perhaps I should have booked longer than a week as my cousin on my father's side of the family wants to meet up and my friend from school, that I have known since we sat together in school age 8!
I am very tired altho' I have slept an awful lot in hospital but I think that was the morphine.. and the best bit about my stay??? I was able to walk to the toilet Friday night about 10:30 and wee-ed...bliss!! Only a woman could understand that!
  Thank you again my on line friends, it's lovely to have you all xxxx