Monday 14 November 2016

Progress and a different sort of news.

Life goes on slowly here although I feel I am making progress as I have dressed myself twice!! Bra and pop socks, albeit with some discomfort (discomfort is Dr's talk, really it's painful!) I am now waiting for a letter from The London Orthopaedic Hospital for further surgery.. just another wait and wait and wait time!
 I have  nearly finished that second pair of socks but I haven't done anything else, except I have walked most days and lost some weight. Only 10 pounds and so I still am not the weight I was before I broke my arm, but I am not giving up, I will carry on and not be dismayed when I don't lose 7 pounds over night!LOL
But our biggest news is we are moving to Suffolk. We saw a house that we fell in love with and ours sold in three days, so great excitement, we've been on a cloud all afternoon..
Our Christmas cakes are made and a huge pudding as DH's two DDs and one hubby and a partner are coming for Christmas. It will be lovely to have a great family Christmas.
Happy Happy days!