Tuesday 31 May 2022

I needed this today.

 Summer doesn't have to be a daily bucket list of items, fancy holidays and constant check lists. 

Summer  can be quiet nights with fireflies and watching stars and reading before bed.

Summer is not about quantity.... its about  quality.

Make those memories when you can.


Monday 30 May 2022

Not pleasant, in fact it was hell!

With, my bladder problems I had a scan today, the results were no abnormality detected, but I won't pretend it was easy. I was crying before we even left the house for the 6 mile drive to the hospital.
I drank the pint of water before 1:00 pm ready for the 1:50 pm app. It was hell trying to hold it driving to the hospital. Every traffic light was red, there were bumpy road sections, where Dh said 'Sorry' every time and then my bowels started groaning.. and so was I!
I shuffled into the scan dept. with my wheels, saying, 'oh no, oh no and ready to burst into tears if they said there was a delay.
And bless her, she said go and use the toilet before the scan, it wouldn't make a difference, as it was my kidneys that they wanted to look at as well as my bladder.. Thank goodness, honestly I could have kissed her. 
I had to use the loo twice after it before we left the hospital and I couldn't stop when I got home. How do men and women drink pints and pints of beer??
Such a relief to get it over with and the clear result, now just the cystoscopy to get through. I made such a fuss, nearly screaming with every bump in the car, how my lovely Dh puts up with me I don't know. But it is very unpleasant especially, as I do usually go to the loo every hour and sometimes at night every 20 mins.
It is a relief to know there was nothing seen abnormal but that doesn't help the fact I have to get up more than 6 or even 8 times at night and I can't go anywhere unless I know I can use a loo easily.

I just want to be normal again!


Friday 27 May 2022

Our way home.

We have a lovely drive back to our home, we pass this tree which is about a couple of miles from our town; people call it the 'Welcome' tree. I love to see it with the sheep lying down under it.

Isn't this a beautiful golden sight? This wasn't rape seed last year, so quite a surprise. 

Cowslips and daisies grow profusely in the road verges, in spite of the council mowing them down, they bravely pop up again!

But just look at what these people have planted outside their garden wall. An amazing sight as we approach our road.
So amazingly beautiful, I wonder if they have seeds to spare?
I could go and ask, a bit cheeky??

And up on the hill top,  we view 5 of these.. we love to see them slowly turning and wonder if its our home getting that power.

I thought I'd miss the greenness of Suffolk here,  but we have the best of both worlds, the country side and the sea side. 
Not bad is it? I love it and feel very blessed being able to live here, back in my home town.

Sunday 22 May 2022

A suprise in the garden.

 We've spent a couple of hours getting the garden straight and planting all the seedlings I sowed back in February. We have the three flower beds, the one we dug first has most of  the plants we brought we us from Suffolk. Just snippets rather than whole big plants to reduce the number of plants to transport. We've dug two further beds all, all beginning to fill up with plants, as all that was here was grass.  So some of the plants that have popped up have been a pleasant surprise as I couldn't remember all I brought.. so this one was a surprise.

It had grown enormous and beside it is a rhubarb plant, an extra one which we didn't know where to put, so it was planted there by Dh for this year, so this large plant alongside was a surprised. 

I've let it grow till I had an idea as to what it was.

Any ideas? 

It's coming out tomorrow, as its Himalayan Balsam! 


Saturday 21 May 2022

Out the other side.

 My dip into the doldrums has lasted 11 days.. but at last our kitchen is finished and there is sunshine all around!

It is wonderful to have a working kitchen with a dishwasher again, we coped but only just. Since then,  Dh's daughter, her Dh and little four- year old son has visited. They had hired a caravan on the holiday park not far from us, so we had the pleasure of their visit with out the strain of  them actually staying with us, which worked out really well. And I know now, why older people don't have young ones!! 

So today we're planting all my home grown plants, which are looking strong and healthy. The front garden has been tidied and the trough has summer bedding planted and looks very pretty.

While I have being keeping a low profile..On the news front:-.......

It looks like Ukraine is slowly being reduced to rubble, poor people.

Didn't Sam Ryder do well in Eurovision, I loved the song.

A couple won £184 million on the lottery, wow! I don't even buy a ticket so no hope I could win.

And the man who decides our country's finances, which determines our cost of living, is a multimillionaire with his wife and worth £183 million. Doesn't seem fair to me! Do they buy their groceries from the bottom shelves, where the food is Supermarkets own brands and cheaper? I think not, probably have it all delivered from Fortnum and Mason's! Am I bothered? Not really,  altho' I feel for those who unlike myself only have benefits to live on or a very low wage. Perhaps some of our MPs should try living without their high incomes and bonuses? See how they'd like it.

I am very grateful for all I have and that I have a garden to sit in and enjoy this sun shiny day.


Tuesday 10 May 2022



I should be swinging from the roof tops, the kitchen looks amazing although we still have the decorator to come tomorrow. 
I had a very productive day yesterday and cleaned the bathroom, our bedroom and sorted out loads to go back in the kitchen, but today I'm a bit flat. I had a bad night and I'm still going to the loo umpteen times in the night and day time. 
I have just sat out in the garden which is looking lovely and it has calmed my mind. I have loads of plants to go in, which have grown huge in the little plastic green house, so we've planned a planting time this afternoon.
Just got to pull on my 'big girl pants' and get on.
The strain of 3 weeks without a kitchen has got to me, even Dh has been fed up too, very unusual for him.

But we're up and running this afternoon!