Saturday, 21 May 2022

Out the other side.

 My dip into the doldrums has lasted 11 days.. but at last our kitchen is finished and there is sunshine all around!

It is wonderful to have a working kitchen with a dishwasher again, we coped but only just. Since then,  Dh's daughter, her Dh and little four- year old son has visited. They had hired a caravan on the holiday park not far from us, so we had the pleasure of their visit with out the strain of  them actually staying with us, which worked out really well. And I know now, why older people don't have young ones!! 

So today we're planting all my home grown plants, which are looking strong and healthy. The front garden has been tidied and the trough has summer bedding planted and looks very pretty.

While I have being keeping a low profile..On the news front:-.......

It looks like Ukraine is slowly being reduced to rubble, poor people.

Didn't Sam Ryder do well in Eurovision, I loved the song.

A couple won £184 million on the lottery, wow! I don't even buy a ticket so no hope I could win.

And the man who decides our country's finances, which determines our cost of living, is a multimillionaire with his wife and worth £183 million. Doesn't seem fair to me! Do they buy their groceries from the bottom shelves, where the food is Supermarkets own brands and cheaper? I think not, probably have it all delivered from Fortnum and Mason's! Am I bothered? Not really,  altho' I feel for those who unlike myself only have benefits to live on or a very low wage. Perhaps some of our MPs should try living without their high incomes and bonuses? See how they'd like it.

I am very grateful for all I have and that I have a garden to sit in and enjoy this sun shiny day.



Eileen said...

So glad your kitchen is finished and you are happy with it, refits are always stressful. It's so hard reading the news with everything you mentioned going on, the war in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis. We certainly do have to count our blessings for what we have.

Bless said...

Glad to hear that the kitchen has been completed and you are feeling better. :)