Thursday 31 December 2020

Slow but enjoyable progress

 This is very slow, but I'm enjoying working on it.. as the stitch goes into the row below each time, two rows makes one!

It's using up my stash which was the main objective.
And I love the effect of the patterning. 

Not brilliant photos perhaps I should treat myself to a new camera and perhaps I should study how to take a decent pic!


Thursday 5 November 2020


 I had started another design by Marion Mitchel but I wasn't happy.. I think it was,  I liked the design,  because I loved the batik yarn colours, which I decided not to buy because I have bags and bags of yarn!

But today I came across this blanket called Copenhagen and you can see why.. it's the colours of the houses and I love it.. and have lots of these colours.

So this evening I'm starting this..wa--hoo I have  a new project.

A lovely thing to be doing in this 4 week lock down.

Have you anything planned for these next 4 weeks at home?


Thursday 29 October 2020

May Blossom Blanket... Ta... da!!!

Well I have finished my May Blossom blanket and to be honest I'm a bit disappointed in it because,  for some unknown reason I did double trebles instead of trebles!! So it's very long and loose! It's ok and I should be happy as there is a lot of work in it.

Not very good photos but it does show the rows of 'grannie' squares and lines of crochet and the colours are gorgeous.

These 'buttons' caused me grief and I did them twice, they look 
ok-ish and as it's for us, it's fine.

We would  use it folded on our feet so its big for that and I do have very cold feet!
Anyway I have thoroughly enjoyed crocheting it and I do like it, I love the colours. 



Friday 11 September 2020

And being used!

Here is the quilt being used by my son and DIL and I didn't know they had cushions with tulip designs.
It's in their mobile home, and it fits their bed  just nice.
I am very pleased.



Wednesday 9 September 2020

Tulips made with love.

 I've put my crochet to one side the last two days so that I could finish this.

I started to piece it together in 2014, hand sewing the tulip blocks; each tulip has 14 pieces and then of course my fatal trip when my broke my right arm. I picked it up again in 2017 and completed the top. The pattern is from a book called 'Quilty Fun,' by Lori Holt. A great way to use up scrap pieces. I loved making it. 

My DIL saw it and said she'd love it for their mobile home, in which they travel all over Europe, usually ending up in Spain for a month every summer. 
Of course no trip abroad this year, but a week ago,  she said they were planning a 10 day trip and would love to pop in to see us.
They live in West Wales so quite a way to travel to us, about 500 miles to pop in! So I decided I'd layer this and top stitch  as best as I could. DH helped me layer it and then I started to stitch in the ditch. I had bought a special SITD foot to do it, some super Aurifil thread, which made it easier, but no way easy. I struggled to get my arm up to guide the quilt through, but I did it. I've stitched around each tulip block and across and down the seams. I 'm very pleased with it and wouldn't mind keeping it for me!
Very colourful don't you think?


Friday 21 August 2020

How am I doing?

 It's growing although I haven't been crocheting every evening, but I am still loving it.

I've got the hang of the grannies too and do all the centres, then round 2 and then round 3.. the 4th round has been easy because it's the JAYG round and usually all the same colour. 

After this row of grannies, there's 9 rows of triples, so I can crochet away with TV this evening and enjoy myself. 

Looking at it on our settee perhaps I should have done the Autumn coloured one, so I might have to do that one too??

The designer Marion Mitchell has a blog if you're interested.

Some very lovely blankets shown and I could make them all.


Thursday 30 July 2020

Still loving this.

I am still happily crocheting this blanket even though my last strip of grannies was wrong.

I had done too many rounds so undid the whole strip which I had JAYG and sewn in the ends!
This is the latest strip of grannies and after this they will be joined to the main body.

It's keeping me happy and not eating between meals!
What's  keeping you happy?

Saturday 18 July 2020

Mostly grannies

I am delighting in crocheting this blanket. The rows of granny squares are helping it grow. I have conquered the JAYG (Join as you go) and so I'm nearly ready to join the next row of mini grannies on to the main body. 
I get so excited as I start the next section each time. I love the colours and altho' I thought I'd checked all that were required, I was horrified to see I hadn't ordered Sherbet.. but all was well as I had nearly a whole ball from a previous blanket.
Isn't it lovely when you're enjoying your work.

Sunday 5 July 2020

Sorted and I've started the main body.

I am loving crocheting again, it keeps me from snacking and as it grows it fills me with joy. It didn't take me long to correct my mistake and doing it again, it was extra practice to JAYG.. Join as you go.
The colours aren't true in the photograph, This is now the bottom border, so now to crochet the other side of the granny squares. I did sew in my ends as I went, I quite like the neatness once its done.


Thursday 2 July 2020


I've only crocheted 7 of the first row of granny squares. I had a few hiccups, because when I speed up my crocheting gets looser. This pic doesn't show its true colours. I love the join as you go with a slip stitch into the other square, but I haven't been doing the half treble properly, so I'm undoing what I've done.. won't be too hard because it's only the last round of each square.. silly me I thought I knew how to do it!
So off I start again.. watch this a space I am determined to have it done this evening.

Sunday 28 June 2020

A beautiful new project.

I haven't sewn my hexie squares yet, I had a blue day and didn't do anything much, only looked at quilting on you tubes, which I love. So many very clever quilters and they get it all done so quickly, but of course it's all staged, so no need to get green with envy.. and they all have super sewing rooms, called sewing studios! 
But I have my next project planned and bought for.

29 balls of this squishy loveliness. Ordered one day and arrived 2 days later, good ol'  Wool Ware house. Not a Lucy Attic 24 design this time. 
The designer of this gorgeous blanket called May Blossom is Marion  Mitchell from WoolThreadPaint. 

This is the Spring colour version and there's an Autumn colour version too. I can't wait to get started, I've even bought a new size 4 soft handled crochet hook. I've been reading through the pattern, all trebles and half trebles, granny squares and rows,  but a tricky 'join as you go' bit, but nicely shown on the blog. Aren't designers generous and make sure you know what to do. I'm so excited, isn't it gorgeous?


Monday 22 June 2020

Still sewing.

This the lower part of our 140ft garden, where I sit when the sun is its hottest and I want to be outside. I can sit and sew here in the shade and not get too hot.
I now have 36 squares with hexies sewn on. I can't decided whether to sew more to make a bigger throw. I do have some of the back ground fabric but not the right size. So I intend to join some, if I centre the joined seam it will show but not too badly. I need to buy some crochet cotton thread to do the shadow quilting around the hexie rounds. 
I have and still am really enjoying this hand sewing. 

I'm going to start to machine join them together today.
How is your latest project going?

Friday 5 June 2020

Rain stops gardening so.....

....I am happily sewing these again.  I have now sewn 12, I was thinking 3 rows of 7, so another 9 to complete. But if it looks a bit scant on the back of the little cane settee in the summer house, I shall do more.  I have enough fabric and here I am at home so plenty of time. 
Yesterday I gave our lounge and dining room a thorough clean after using the bay window as my seed growing mini-green house. It looked wonderful to have all the furniture back to normal. So I don't feel a bit guilty sitting sewing.
We were desperate for rain, so welcome in all ways.
What's your lock down happiness?

Monday 25 May 2020

Sewing happily

Well this lock down has turned off my gardening enthusiasm but switched on my sewing!
I am happily sewing each evening and thoroughly enjoying the tiny stitches. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed hand sewing.
Every separate part of putting these together might seem a bit of a faff to some, as each one has to be tacked into position but I am loving it. 
This photo doesn't do the colours justice but anyone who regularly looks at my blog knows photography isn't my fortè.


Friday 8 May 2020


 I've put my knitting to one side as it does make my arm ache.. saw this on FB and decided it was just what I wanted to sew.
 I've 11 completed and several more hexies ready to sew together.
And it's using up a lot of scraps.
Although I bought fabric to use to sew them on. 

I am absolutely loving sewing them. I love the tiny stitches and have delighted in matching up sets and colours to sew each round.
I bought the papers on line, twice! Twice because I couldn't find the first lot I bought.
This is going to keep me happy for a while, I think.
Nice? What do you think?


Sunday 29 March 2020

I don't want my photo taken1

Here is Dh's  grandson modelling the jumper I  knitted for him, not liking the experience at all.
Yarn is Style Craft DK acrylic colour, Parchment. Pattern is
 Sirdar #1785. Very easy 4 row pattern but very effective.
The neck collar  was a faff to sew on correctly but looks great when done and the neck opening is big enough for ease of getting on and off a wriggling toddler.


Friday 27 March 2020

Not a lot happening here but....

….. I 'm writing on my alternative blog here..

Knitting is extremely painful with my arm, so I am only doing a few rows each evening.  I might give in and crochet as that's less painful. 
I curse that Dr who decided not to pin and plate my arm nearly 5 years ago now.

Anyway come and visit me on my other blog.


Friday 20 March 2020

My latest project.

I'm knitting this sleeveless cardi with wool so it will be warm. I didn't have long enough circular needles so have bought new,  but my shorter ones are ok for the fronts. With this suggested self isolation there's lots of time to now knit, crochet, sewing etc and we're concentrating on the garden. It's going to be strange not to pop out for a coffee, which we do quite often, but we want to stay safe and help to reduce the spread
And here's the right side started with some daffs from the garden which had blown over.
The wool is Drops Karisma 100% wool colour is Denim. 

I am struggling a bit with it,  as knitting makes my broken arm ache most dreadfully, while crocheting doesn't. This, therefore might be one evening knitting and another evening crocheting or maybe just resting. It's not like I'm going anywhere!
What are you doing with all this time at home?


Tuesday 10 March 2020

Ta last

 I've been a while crocheting this, not that I wasn't interested, just had winter blues and tiredness.

It's just big enough for a lap throw and I 've used it already! It's warm and cosy soft.
Now I'm knitting, quite difficult with my arm as it causes it to ache, but as I carry on it will ease.
As soon as I've knitted enough to show I'll post about it. 
With the sunnier days I feel more like knitting. 
Keeps my mind from thinking about the diet (grrrrr ) and of course we now have the threat of the virus.
So best keep happy and active. 
What do you think?

Sunday 1 March 2020

March 1st

Happy memories of my childhood on this day.


Saturday 15 February 2020

Why do they give them names??

Is it Ciara or Dennis.. whatever it's blowing a gale out there.

We live in a house that has been standing since 1885.. so guess it will still be standing after this gale.
I am toasty warm and inside. 
My crochet knee throw is growing although last week I did hardly any.
But when I do pick it up I am totally happy and focused and shall attempt to finish it this week.
A friend has pointed me to a yarn site where they are all beautiful and reduced in price,  so I feel a big knitted cardi coming,  just for me.
I hope everyone is not damaged or flooded by these storms, such extra-ordinary weather.. stay safe everyone.

Monday 10 February 2020

A transformation.

Who would believe that this old pouffe could become this.

A year ago while mooching around Halesworth I saw a different shop.
It was called 'Chameleon,'  a pop up shop,  only there a week.
It was selling fabric and this fabric was in the cut offs bin for £10.
I could see that it would be the perfect fabric to do this. 
So all day yesterday with DH help I have recovered the old
The rain rained and the winds blew as I measured and sewed and
DH tapped in the upholstery tacks.
I was able to centre the bigger picture on the top of the seat, but to do the sides the same would have meant cutting the fabric into panels, and I didn't think there'd be enough.  
And I want some to cover the cushion on an old stool  that was my grandmothers, so probably 80 or so years old.
We are delighted with the finished item, and think it looks fantastic.
I expect there are loads of very talented bloggers out there
who can do similar, were you as happy with your result as we are?
I am so proud!

Wednesday 5 February 2020

A Therapy?

I'm getting on quite nicely with my knee blanket but knitting socks is one of my loves too.. so I 've gone back to these, which are all from scraps of left over sock yarn and I 've tried to match them.
I can knit without looking at it,  so an easy occupation in front of the TV.. and also according to the 'experts' a distracting therapy if you're trying to break a habit, eg smoking.. well I don't smoke but I do need distraction from munching calories in the evenings.. 
So don't ever feel guilty if you knitting or crocheting, because you can claim it's a therapy!
What do you think?  And what so you do with your scrap yarn?


Saturday 25 January 2020

My Happy Place

I'm sorted and back in my happy place... which is???
Crocheting, it keeps my hands busy, occupies my mind and stops me munching in between meals.
It's just a simple knee throw which I shall use in the car when we go walking. Now you might wonder why I need a knee throw for walking.. well sometimes when we set off in the car to go somewhere different for a walk, when we get there, the weather has turned or I 've lost the 'I want to walk' mood and so produce a book to sit and watch Dh and our dog, stride off.  
My knee throw will be warm and not too big. I haven't any ideas on how big, I 'll just keep going till it's the right size!
It's a simple 4 row pattern,
2 rows dbl crochet in every stitch.
2 rows of groups of 3 trbl in every 3rd stitch.
It is my favourite crochet pattern.
The next set of colours will lilac, mauve and deep purple and then I'll repeat the colours. I can happily sit and do this for hours. 
Have you a hobby that puts you in your happy place?