Sunday 31 March 2024



He is risen, halleluiah.


Saturday 30 March 2024

Getting ready for Easter Visitors.

Dh and I have been busy moving dust! This is because Dh's daughter and her husband are coming for the Easter weekend. We need visitors now and then to push us to clean that second bedroom.. everywhere is more or less clean, as we have a regular routine of cleaning.

We work together because we get more done and quicker. We have a laugh, because we both had jobs, when we left school that taught us how to clean. Dh joined the navy age 15 and was shown how to clean the 'heads' (toilets) and I started my nurse training age 18 and I too was shown how to clean a toilet. I usually do it wearing my invisible 'tiara' because like I've said before, I always think when I'm doing it.. 'I bet the Princess of Wales doesn't do this' ( Hope she is feeling positive and knows how all of us are praying for her!)

But very importantly the patio is sparkling from being pressure washed by Dh. And Thursday I bought 2 pots of tete a tete and replaced some in the front trough to brighten it up. So as long as my garden looks ok, I'm happy. Dh's daughter is garden proud!

And my planted tulips are looking amazing.. and a very sparkling clean patio! 

Looks better than when it was new as, there must have been a film on the slabs, because you can now see the marbling effect, I love my garden.

I'm happy!!


Friday 29 March 2024

Thursday 28 March 2024

I've got a lot of time for this woman!

 Have you by chance read what Ann Widdecombe has said recently to GB news.

The former MP said...  Quote....'Firstly I think you should stop lumping all old people together. There's enormous difference between  someone in their 60s, who almost certainly comes from the age of computers and someone in their 90s, who struggles a bit and whose brain doesn't work as fast as it used to and is afraid of new technology. There's an enormous difference. I'm sick of hearing the word pensioners as if we're all the last stages of an illness.

 Secondly is that,  very sophisticated stuff you wouldn't expect them to do, like on line Banking is fairly simple to do and  can be mastered by most people and most people have access to the younger generation, who can show them what to do if they can't.  I say Just get on with it!'

End of quote...

Then last evening I had a text from my DD thanking me for their Easter card and a 'ha ha ha,' for my explanation of down loading an app. to know the time in Chandigarh India. where my grand daughter is. I had sent her instructions of how to find one because she said she couldn't... in, ... On yr phone, Search for the World Clock, tap and open, then scroll through options, then chose the option Asia, tap and open, then chose the town nearest to ... etc then blah blah.. I did reply by saying I might be 81, but you forgot I taught computers when I was teaching and had given her step by step instructions assuming she knew nothing!! Ha ha. and also Dh's job was IT.. I use my computer for everything.. and nothing phases me! Criky I know younger people who can't blog, are afraid of emailing and think their phones are annoying when their phone won't do something. I've said, its you, not the phone!

What do you think if you're an older person?

I do admire Ann Widdecombe but her books/novels,  are awful in my opinion!


Wednesday 27 March 2024

Where does it go?

Isn't this an amazing photo my friend's daughter K, who is very artistic took it. As a child, did you ever blow one of these to tell the time?
I knew K when she was young and her sister, because when their mum started working, I was her port of call, if one of them was ill and couldn't go to school.

I was a stay at mum, as most mums were in the 70's and 80's and my friend was very good to me and supported me, when I was going through a rough patch in my marriage, so I was more than happy to help out.
Both girls had a lot of time off school, and so spent a lot of time with me and I got to know them well. 

On K's 14th birthday I bought her some nail polish, as she always played with pens colouring her nails.. She was delighted and said she'd do her toe nails the same colour. I innocently said, how wonderful they would look, especially as she had smooth young legs, and quick as a flash, she said she shaved them.. Her mum was shocked and upset.. she started to cry, because she thought her little girl was suddenly grown up.
Several cups of tea later, with her girls watching TV with my children, my friend and I talked and we both realised our children were growing up.
Today K is a mother and a young grandmother. When she left school she became a Shop Window Dresser. She's still very artistic and as well as her photography, she draws and paints.

We can all feel the same about our children, I can't believe my grand daughter is 30 this year. At the moment she's in India working for her Accountancy firm! How can that be, only the other day she was making cakes in my kitchen, more mixture on her face than in the cake papers!
Time flies and whoosh, all we have left is memories; so enjoy every moment and laugh a lot!
Keep smiling!


Tuesday 26 March 2024

Chinese Whispers!



Aren't these lovely, I bought them yesterday, a present to myself, silk orchids in a shiny pot! But I just thought they'd look nice on our coffee table and they do! Sometimes you have to treat yourself.

Once again, I've had the most dreadful urinary infection, I was prescribed some anti-biotics last week and took the whole course, but last night I was hardly in bed. It seemed like they hadn't work. 

So Dh tried to phone the surgery at the 8:00 o'clock scramble time, but as usual couldn't get through, so 9 ish we gave up, altho I felt like screaming. Anyway I phoned after 10 and was number 9! When I did get through, I asked for an emergency appointment. I had to answer questions and was told I would have a phone call back; I made sure I had her name.

Phone call back was the same receptionist, who told me that she had spoken to the contact person, who spoke to the Duty Dr. Criky I thought its 'Chinese Whispers!' 

But I was prescribed different anti-biotics and for a longer time. 

It's not easy to be ill, and know you can't get to see a Dr. How have we come to this state of affairs?

I've just read an article on chronic UTIs and there is a call for less anti-biotics in favour for an anti-bacterial called Hiprex. I was prescribed it once by # 9 Dr, I'm saying #9 because she was the 9th Dr I'd spoken to since we'd lived here. I've spoken to a few more since then. I'll try after Easter to get a routine appointment and ask for it. I've tried buying it and can't! 

In the mean time I'll take what I'm given and treat myself, altho Dh would have bought those silk orchids if I'd said I'd like them... but there's a book I have my eye on, so I might mention it to him!!


Monday 25 March 2024

Afternoon tele or ??

 What did you so before daytime tele? I asked this of some friends of mine of a similar age to me. And would you believe it, we all did housework bits, mostly ironing.

I realised that I did the same and also in summer I did the garden. There wasn't day time tele, in fact I didn't know there was any, some time in the 1980's, I remember my DD coming home from UNI and wanting to watch Neighbours, it was on TV during the day.

But I still didn't watch TV during the day. Once I started teaching, full time work took up my time and in the evenings, I marked books and did my lesson  planning. 

But in lockdown we watched a lot of tele, and since then, I like to watch some afternoon programmes like 'Escape to the Country' And we binge some films on wet afternoons.. and I read.

And that's what I realised I never did during the day years ago, I didn't sit down and read during the day. I felt guilty if I sat down to read? Can you believe that, I didn't read during the day? What a waste of reading time!

All those years I could have been reading; these days I read all the time!

What do you do in an afternoon, housework, garden, or going out?

Do you read during the day? At the moment I'm reading this book...

Something totally different to the Kristin Hannah book, and I'm enjoying it, #20 this year, so you see I do read a lot.


Sunday 24 March 2024

Palm Sunday

I was in Israel in 2002, so walked the road where 2000 years before people had stood and waved palm leaves and shouted Hosanna for a man riding a donkey.
It seems a lot longer ago, when I was there, and now there is war and destruction there.
The shortest verse in the Bible is 'Jesus Wept' (John 11.35)


An amazing read.

 This is the 4th book I've read by Kristin Hannah and have loved everyone.  This is a powerful story of friendship, marriage, being a parent and the effect of war on families.

The characters become so real to you, as you read through the story. Jolene and Tami are best friends who met when they both became  soldiers in the US National Guard. They are very close, even lived next door to each when they married. 

Jolene and husband, Michael appear to have a perfect marriage, but things start to go wrong when she is deployed to Iraq.. You're swept along in their lives and of their children and the way it is written, the dialogue just flows. 
The story was fast paced full of emotional and I had tears in my eyes as I read, Seeing a war through the eyes of a woman, the experiences, and the story of the horror of war gave me, a fresh look of a modern war; of things I've never known. 
I kept thinking how could women face the conditions they found themselves in and how amazingly proud their families must be; Jolene a pilot of a Black Hawk helicopter.

While some people might think the children weren't perfect, Betsy 12 years of age especially had some problems, but that's how families are.
I couldn't put this book down, it tore at my heart strings and I wanted to scream at some of the characters, to say, wake up look at what you have, be grateful and be 'nice.' 
The Author had spoken to members of the Military in her research,  so there was a truthfulness about the horrors of modern warfare and how it was used in the Iraq war. Frightening that it happened and how soldiers have such courage and to whom we have so much to be grateful for.
This story will stay with me for quite a while, a roller coaster of love, war, families, hardship, loneliness, suffering  and the friendship of two women.
I hope you'll read this book and enjoy it as much as I have.


Saturday 23 March 2024

Royal news.

 Catherine, Princess of Wales has very bravely given a televised interview announcing that she has been diagnosed with cancer.

She explained that William and herself, wanted to make sure that their children were told first to allay their fears and to make sure they understood. And this why she hasn't spoken about her illness at an earlier time.


It seems her original operation wasn't for cancer, but on examination after the operation, it was discovered.
She is receiving treatment for the cancer and also medication as a preventative and she is well.
She did look very pale, but as beautiful as ever.

I should think, another reason that she has chosen to speak now, is because of all the wild rumours. Let's hope now people will stop and give her space to recover and leave her alone.
This wasn't my intended post today,  but how could I not write about our beautiful Princess of Wales.
We're all praying for her and for her successful treatment and for a complete recovery.


Friday 22 March 2024

It's started already!

 You might say, what has started.... all the promises of.....if you vote for us! Well I've lived long enough to know, it doesn't matter who gets into the driving seat of power in Parliament, the policies are guided by one thing and one thing alone, MONEY.

Carl Marx said... the root of everything is money.

If there isn't enough in the coffers, there's no change. Unless they borrow from ??

During lockdown there was the furlough scheme, the money was borrowed and we're still paying it back. It was certainly needed.

When I was training to be a nurse 1960, my very first monthly wage packet held just over £7, that was after board and lodge, tax etc was taken. This in 2024 is approx. £2,300, before stoppages,. This is the lowest band. However, they start off with the bill of their degree fees to repay.  

The basic wage of a Dr is approx. £52,000. P.A  No one would say they're not worth their wages, and we're all very appreciative of their services when we need it.

As a retired  teacher I know how hard teachers work, their starting salary is approx £30,000 P.A 

When you look at the figures and like me,  you've lived 8 decades, it seems that their salaries are good.. however with the rise in the cost of living they certainly are not.

And what about social workers and all others, who are providing us with their services?

Does anyone in UK remember what you could buy for just a £1? Once upon a time!

I could get.....

A loaf of bread. Half a pound of butter, Pot of jam, Pint of milk and a Packet of biscuits.  

Today you can get a loaf for 75p or possibly cheaper if you shop around and the rest? Well, it will all cost more than a pound, of course it will, how ever did we ever think we'd need food banks?

So promises of any Party in Government aren't worth anything.. they are just 'paper' promises.

Our present PM, Rishi Sunak has said he'll uphold the Triple lock, so OAPs will get an annual rise, equal to the rise in the cost of living.

It would be good if he did, but I doubt he knows how Old Age Pensioners live. I remember the scandal of the MP Paul Scully, who didn't know the cost of a pint of milk. Does Rishi know the problem of trying to live, when the money you earn doesn't cover all your living expenses. 

One of Dh's daughter works for Christians Against Poverty, a charity to help people who are not managing, because their household  bills are more than their salaries, and that doesn't include food.

The majority of our MPs, probably all of them have never been on the 'Breadline' but they give us promises, which they can't keep. 

 And as the saying goes..'And they walk among us!


Thursday 21 March 2024

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who wrote comments about blogging, it was so interesting to read, especially those of you who don't have your  own blog. I have noticed that there are bloggers who reply to comments, but I think if I did that I'd never get off my lap top.  
And I agree its sad when a blogger stops because of trolls and even sadder when they've passed away. I've known 5 who have and I was always really sad for  them and their families.

I try to think of different things to write about, at the moment I'm horrified at the malicious talk about Princess Catherine. To allay a lot of fears, she and William, went walk-about near to where they live. Its been suggested that it wasn't her, but a lookalike!! And shock horror William wasn't wearing a wedding ring?? He's never worn one, and it was explained some time ago that the 'Royal' men don't wear wedding rings. Why do people start these rumours? I think personally, shoot me down if you wish, but they are a lovely couple and are trying to do their jobs as Royals. They are very loving parents and take time out of their Royal Duties in school holidays to give their time to their children. 

And just because they're beautiful, here is a photo of Artic White Daffodils.(not my photo) I had these growing in my front trough last year.......

.......and popped the bulbs in a dry pot in the shed, to grow this year and forgot all about them, until at the weekend I found them. So I have potted them up and they look as though they are growing, yea! 
They cost a bit more than yellow daffs, but I spare no expense if its for my garden. Just wish I could do more, but my age is catching up with me and I can't do a lot of things I used to be able to.


Wednesday 20 March 2024

We've made a weekend

When Dh first retired and joined me at home, we found we never had a day off; there was always something to do in the house. So we decided to have Thursdays as a hobby day!

I sewed quilts and Dh made wine.. we sometimes spilled over into another day if we were in the  middle of something, I'd tack some fabric and Dh designed his labels on his laptop for his wine. It worked really well. On Sundays we were involved in our own churches.

Since moving here, we were for a while over burdened with trying to get straight; builders and workmen have dominated our first two years here. But now we are more or less straight, we had our garage roof replaced last month and I'm  just sorting out a decorator for the outside walls.. and that will be it, unless there is a hole in the roof or the boiler blows up, we are not having anything else done! We do have a couple of bags ready for a charity shop in the hall and we'll pop them there, next time we're in town. 

So we can sort of relax. 

But now we belong to a choir, and SW and a book group and different U3a groups, some weeks we only have Saturday and Sundays at home! 

                       So we have a weekend again!

And so the garden had some attention last weekend.

There are the daffs I planted back on one really cold November day, looking rather nice and the scent from the orange centered ones is beautiful.
We've had some really sunny days and I spent a few hours outside potting on some seedlings and some self seeded foxgloves, popped them all in my little plastic greenhouse to bring them on. It was a very pleasant afternoon, and I felt warm!

Dh dug up a huge clump of pink geraniums and we've put them under a bit of our Copper Beech hedge, where it's a bit sparse. Hopefully it will block it up against cats. Since we now don't have a dog, we've had some cat 'mess' in our veg patch. 

And I sat outside yesterday and Dh brought me a cuppa and a piece of Weetabix cake. (SW recipe) He'd made it in the morning when I was dozing.
It was delicious, not quite a fruit cake, but the taste is near enough to satisfy the taste buds. And I was very grateful for his thoughtfulness.
Since the news of my friend's death, I've been a bit flat. 
Life's hard isn't it? As a Christian I do believe I have God's help to get through things, but I do waver some days and sleep doesn't come easy.

Sunday 17 March 2024

Blogging questions.

This is how I think of blogging; people write their stories and others respond and it brings happiness; well it does to me. So why do some people, who comment not have a blog, what do they get out of it?

I like to visit the blogs of people who leave a comment, but many don't have a blog.. and then there's the anonymous commentators, why? What are you afraid of, why can't you sign your name?

But then there are also those people who suddenly decide to start afresh and only certain people are allowed to see their blog or even on some, only certain people are allowed to comment?

And what about the ones who used to comment and then stop, have I offended them, written something they didn't like or thought it was out of order in some way?

But I value all of you who do comment and I do try to read your blog too, so please don't stop! Sometimes believe it or not us retired people have busy weeks. The days fly by and in an evening my weariness over comes me and I hit that 'Nadia' moment, and I can't get myself to write. For those of you who don't know, I can only type with my left hand, so sometimes its pretty slow!

But I shall carry on, because I like blogging and I love reading other peoples' blogs. Why do you blog?


Saturday 16 March 2024

Why did you decide.....

 .....that you wanted to lose weight? Just one of the questions that was asked in Slimming World this morning.

My first reason wasn't health, but the 95% of clothes I have that don't fit me any more. I haven't always been fat, but in 1988 I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid and my weight gain started there.  I stayed a healthy weight till 2015, maybe just a little more than I had been, ie. size 14 instead of 10/12. Then I broke my arm, my life as it had been, ended. I avoided doing things that caused me pain, the less I did,  the less I wanted to do, and then it was a case of I couldn't do it. I gained weight!

After each operation on my arm,  4 over a period of 3 years, I was back to square one on the road to recovery. I gained weight.

I became paranoid of tripping up and falling again, so I stopped rushing around, walked slowly, got a walking stick to help me and didn't walk as much. I gained more weight!

With lockdown I was anxious, couldn't sleep and I had a few over balancing episodes. My Dr at the time, said she thought it was because my right arm being still, prevented me from balancing and I was always tired. So I bought my 'wheels' called Rhet Butler, because he is so handsome!  And in that second lockdwn, we hardly went anywhere.. staying indoors that time was the worst and I gained even more weight. This was my worst gain!

But instead of getting back into SW, I bought bigger sized clothes, fatal! So now I had clothes that fitted me and I stopped trying.. so basically I want to lose weight to wear some of those lovely clothes that no longer fit me at all... and now I also need to lose weight for my health.

No one is stopping me, so I have to get back into the 'mode' and I can do it.. I don't like a lot of chocolate, don't drink alcohol and my biggest craving is fried foods, and cakes, so we don't fry or bake,  and I can even go without toast! Dh cooks all SW meals and we don't buy foods that tempt us, so we are both back on plan having had a gain because we had 2 weeks off. No more Welsh cakes, or fish n chips and definitely no more Victoria Sponge! (Left after my birthday) And with my wheels I walk quite confidently and quite a distance, altho this wet winter weather has been a bit of a stop-start walking out.

Have you ever really asked yourself why you want to do something; do you need/want to lose weight?


Friday 15 March 2024

What's was the best advice you were ever given.

I was once asked what the best advice I was given and without pausing I said.. 'Get a good education.'
And in part this woman was responsible for my education.
She was the Head Teacher of St Clares' school, that my aunt paid for me to go to.
She was Sister Mary Bernadine. I absolutely loved her, and would do anything to please her. She had a bit of a soft spot for me knowing my history, that my mother had died when I was 2 years.
She taught French and English and I often got told off for not knowing my French verbs, and had smacks with a ruler on my hand! They were gentle taps, but I excelled at English. 

I loved every day in that school and remember how we used to sit in the orchard and read Keats aloud to each other. Can you imagine 14 or 15 year old girls reading poetry in these days; they were happy days for me.

It was Sister Mary Bernadine who suggested I became a nurse as she said  I had a caring nature. I wanted to go to Art College, but my Grandmother wouldn't allow it, so I went into Nursing and trained at Cardiff Royal Infirmary to become a nurse.  I did go back to see Sister Bernadine after I'd left school and she hugged me and wanted to hear all about my nursing.

 I'm a member of the School FB group, although most of the members there, were in school in the sixties and seventies and later, but they all speak of Sister Bernadine with great affection. I am still  in touch with one girl, I've written about her and us going to dances together.  Best years of my younger life and that education allowed me to get a Degree when I was 38 and became a teacher..and the pension has allowed me to live comfortably. So it was very good advice, 'Thank you Aunty Glad.'

What was the best advice you were given?


Thursday 14 March 2024

Just a 'bimble' day!

 Some days Dh and I can 'bimble' away our days. Yesterday was one of those days. We changed the bedding, I did my 'tiara' job and after we'd unloaded the dishwasher, Dh tided the kitchen, I did the lounge and we decided that was enough housework for the day, altho there was still the 'chair' in the lounge to do.. its not a loaded chair like the bedroom, but the dining room table! We seem to fill it with stuff; a jigsaw, which we were going to do but didn't, a Welsh dictionary, you never know when you might want to look something up, note book- new, seeds, ready in case I get the urge to do something with them, library books I've read, and some napkins nicely ironed by Dh. We must clear it up, rather than push the stuff to one side when we actually use it to eat! One day we will!

It was very cold outside, so a 'bimble' day was all we managed!

Having read 'The Women,' I've been stuck at what to read so I have been looking at new books and on checking a FB group, I came across some choices of other people and one woman had just been gifted a surprise present from her hubby.

I loved Enid Blyton, but I wouldn't want these now, I don't rely on Dh reading my mind, but ask outright. I wonder if she had asked for them?

Wednesday 13 March 2024

Tuppa Ware; Avon; Pippa Dee; and others!!

We fell off the SW plan over the weekend so we needed meals this week that we really liked, to get us back in the 'mode.'  So last night we had this...moussaka

Dh was been busy in the kitchen, all morning making it and adapting the recipe to suit our SW food plan, so the house smelt delish.

I first had this at a Whole Foods house party. They served it with brown rice. Two women had set up the House Party business together. The one was recovering from an op having been diagnosed with cancer and this was their way to make a living. 
They prepared it all in front of us, but had a ready cooked one that the Hostess heated up in her oven.( no micro waves this was the 1970s) Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed it and bought the ingredients and pkt of brown rice and the recipe and I've been making it ever since.

Did you go to of those product selling parties or even hosted one?
I hosted a Pippa Dee party which was lingerie, not the sexy stuff and one spaghetti strap nightie I bought, I wore as a dress! The man who was in part the success of Pippa Dee, George Davies, went on to Next, M&S, George at Asda..  a multimillionaire and I helped him get there by doing the Pippa Dee parties!!

Of course there's the most well known home selling product, Tuppa ware, I bought loads and also later in 2004 I bought a food chopper from  Pampered Chef and still have it.  
I never went to an Avon party, but did go to another make up one, called Oriflame and loved their make up.
I wonder did any of you bloggers host a home product selling party or went to one? Which one was it?

Tuesday 12 March 2024


 With all the controversy about that photo, I didn't write about my own Mothering Sunday. 

I did have some lovely cards and flowers, but as well as that, long chatty phone calls. (not from my youngest son, but that's how its been for quite a few years)

My daughter brought me up to date about my grand children, who are all doing well. Its just like all grand mothers, we like 'news' its so lovely to hear how they are all doing. Of course my youngest grandson had already told me about himself and his brother, but since then, my grand daughter has announced that she's going to India for a month with her firm. So very exciting news for her, as a Chartered Accountant she has done really well. She always did well in school and then in Uni so we're all very pleased for her.

My middle son is well now after having a triple bi-pass last year. It was a nightmare, but it was a successful op and we were very grateful that he was able to get an op as quickly as he did, what with the present state of the NHS and waiting lists. He lives in W. Wales so we'll be meeting up in the near future.

My eldest son always phones and we do spend a lot of time on the phone, hours in fact.  He developed Crohns when he was in Uni and had to drop out. He did have extensive surgery and is well now, but those years when he was ill were very difficult, in fact to see him lose so much weight was hell. He looked like a skeleton for years, weighing less than 7st. and 5ft 11 tall. All his clothes hung off him. When he was in hospital, I used to phone in the mornings and then went in to the hospital straight after work. I took all the school books I had to mark and did them there beside his bed. His op was such that he wasn't allowed to eat or drink for 8 days. He had a some bad days, and one time when I got there two other patients, who were in the side ward with him were very upset, as was my son. He'd asked could he have a cup of tea mouth wash and of course he was told 'no' so was in floods of tears. But he recovered and now could lose some weight! He broke up with his girl friend a while ago and is so by himself. I wish he could find a nice girl friend, but he works as a photographer at racing tracks, so not the hours to suit a regular girl friend. He is a very nice young man and has that quality of being able to talk to people and put them at ease. 

Strange when I'm with my grown up children, I feel younger even though I'm old! But I'm always very proud of them.


Monday 11 March 2024

PS:Re happy photo

 I had prepared this post last night, so the whoo-ha about the photo hadn't arisen. Has it been photo shopped? Evidently to the experts it has.

But I would ask not that has it been altered, but why did the family feel the need to publish a photo of the princess and the children ? Perhaps to quash the many rumours hitting the headlines, from Kate..... is more ill than it has been published to she and William have split up!

Personally I think they just wanted to show that Kate is ok and recovering slowly from her operation.

As a mother of a son who had extensive surgery for Crohns disease. To me Kate's very slim figure hinted at more than just diet and exercise. An illness like that  would necessitate surgery.. but for what ever reason why Kate needed surgery it is her own business. Just hope it wasn't serious and all is well with her now.

I'm sad that the Royals felt the need to alter the photograph, but perhaps it was just to have all three children smiling, eyes open and looking straight at the camera. 

I did wonder about the tree behind them, because it is in leaf and none of our trees are.. was the picture trans posed on to the outside view?

    As long as the Princess is well and recovering, I for one love to see them as a family smiling and happy and wish them all good wishes and a happy life.


Such a happy photograph


This the latest photo of Princess of Wales, Catherine, since the announcement of her hospital stay. I do follow the Royal Family, so I'm delighted to see her looking well and smiling.

All three children are beautiful as is she. Growing up fast and always looking very royal, although I think we were all amused by Louis's antics at the late Queen's parade. He was obviously bored and caused his family quite a lot of discomfort being very much a bored little boy!

So I am very pleased, as many will be, to see that this photo that has been released, taken it seems by William. They are indeed a lovely family.

Even if you're not a Royalist, you can't deny this is a super photograph!


Sunday 10 March 2024

Yikes fleas!!

 We've been watching Crufts, its a great show. Some people think its sad to train dogs like this, but just look at their excitement and how they respond to their owners, those dogs love it.

I mainly trained Nell, but I only had her do basic stuff, 'Come, Sit, Stay, Leave, No' and a very important one, OFF, ' when she trampled on my garden. She learnt Fetch herself and loved running after her ball. 

She learnt 'Sit' right away and was suitably given a treat.. then all by herself she started to beg. I tried to stop her, I didn't want her to think she had to beg for food, but she never stopped begging! 

She wasn't long getting the hang of going outside for a wee and was asking to go out within a week and we rarely has a mess. We had to be very strong about her sleeping down stairs, but she did come up on our bed in the mornings, when Dh brought up our morning cuppas.. She used to run up the stairs and take a flying leap on to the bed, ears flying like wings! 

She was about 4 years old, one very sunny morning, she was rolling on the bed in the sunshine, waiting for a tummy rub... and oh my gosh I looked at her tum, she was covered in fleas!! My screams brought Dh out of the bathroom, we were mesmerized! 

Straight to the vets, we were mortified we had always kept up with her flea treatment. We got shampoo off the vet and tablets instead of the under skin stuff we were using. We stripped and washed all our bedding, got a different duvet, washed all our clothes, all Nell's bedding, towels and blanket. In fact if it was something we thought might harbour the fleas, it was washed and cleaned.

It took us 7 weeks of baths 3 times a week, combing, which she hated. Then we had a spray for the house. We used to spray our lounge, bedroom  and and all the carpets, then went out, Nell came as well. We had to leave it for 2 hours. It was more or less the 8th week when the bath water had no fleas, but we kept at it for another week to be absolutely sure. Evidently the flea treatment we had been using was no longer effective, although it can still be bought and is still advertised.

We were vigilant after that, especially when we had a hedgehog in the garden here, they are sometimes full of fleas.. There's a lot to take on when you have a dog. But they're so worth it, especially when they snuggle up to you and those eyes so full of love.

It's easier to talk about her now with out crumbling in a teary heap! I sometimes think let's get another dog, but it wouldn't be Nell. 

I loved watching Crufts.


Saturday 9 March 2024

Coffee and cake and pans.


We knew we had gained weight over the week, fish and chips, cake, and extra bread, so didn't need anyone to tell us. So instead of going to SW we went to Costa for coffee and a lush chocolate brownie. Very naughty!
We hadn't been out for coffee since some time in the middle of February, so we thought we deserved it and the cake! We sat there in the warm talking Welsh to each other. Probably not all correct but its all practice and we're good with weather words. 
Mae 'r tywydd yn wyntog heddiw a oer. 
There's a FB page where learners write sentences and people answer and it doesn't matter if you make a mistake, just have a go!

Afterwards we went to buy some new omlette pans, as Dh does all the cooking, he chose them, although I insisted they had to be a good quality make. You know the saying...'Buy cheap and you buy twice!'

I don't know what your weather is like, but ours is cold with a bitter NE wind..and my ear ache was telling me 'ouch' this morning, so I had on a scarf to keep me from getting cold. I hate getting cold! Brrrrr.. guess some people living in Canada have snow this time of year, I don't think I'd like that. But in countries like that you wear the proper clothes. There was a man in Costa in shorts! I was wearing a strappy top and waist slip, (knicks of course) under a dress that is wool, big wooly cardi, fleece, scarf, wooly long socks and my pretty wool gloves! 

 Have you been able to guess my Welsh sentence?

Friday 8 March 2024

A much better day.

 Our garden has hundreds of daffodils, 'Tossing their heads in sprightly dance' (Wordsworth's Daffodils) Enough to bring joy even  to fed up me. but even better was a phone call from my grandson. His birthday was yesterday and he'd got his parcel and was delighted with his socks and the contents in the toe of one. 
He is a very open emotional young man, said he was 'choked up' when he opened the parcel. He is a very chatty so I got all the news about him, his job and his 'darling' girlfriend. 
When he was in his teens, and asked what he wanted to be, he always said the same thing, He wanted to have a job, where you wore a suit and did a lot of talking! And in law that's what he's doing!

And I found another firm to come and he is coming on Monday ...  yeh! Just got to get the deposit back from the other one!

But also a rarity yesterday is..... I saw a Dr face to face!! I've had ear ache off and on for a week, so phoned to ask for a prescription for an ear spray I'd had before, only to be told  I had to be seen by the Duty Dr.
 I saw a new Dr, very nice. Checked my ears and yes my ear looked inflamed and I had a  raised temperature.. so was given the anti biotic ear spray. Her comment was I wasn't a frequent visitor as that was only my third visit in the whole time we've lived here. And that's true, but I have spoken to Drs on the phone. 

So this spray will help me to sleep, paracetamol wasn't helping with the pain. So an all round a much better day!


Thursday 7 March 2024

Fed up, fed up, fed up!

 This is Rest Bay beach yesterday, I didn't take this photograph,  it was on a FB page, but its the beach I used to walk to. when my children were little. And I should have walked somewhere today to cheer me up, because I had a real fed up day!

Why? I shouldn't have felt that way because for the first time after 4 nights of not sleeping I slept, even went straight back to sleep after getting up for the loo! So I should have been feeling bright and breezy, but I still felt tired and only did half the jobs I wanted to.

And it was made worse with a tradesman not turning up, but offering us yet another date after 2  previous cancellations, so we said, leave it we'll get someone else.. but now we have the headache of finding someone else.

So because we both felt fed up, what do you do?? You scrap dinner plans and have fish n chips! Diet out the window!

Dh went off to the chip shop, which is owned by someone I was in school with, in fact played kiss chase with! The shop is round the corner from the house I grew up in.. he used to go with a 'sack' truck every morning very early before school, with his dad to get the boxes of fish from the harbour.  

A whole lot of us played in the street most days and late into the evenings too. I think when were 7 or 8 we even played 'you show me yours and I'll show you mine!'..we were so innocent but so funny when I think about it now. The boys all 'showed,' and us girls all screamed and ran off! Shame girls today don't scream and run away, but get pushed into sending explicate photos! A different world and not for the better, but that's another story.

And me now, back to the SW food plan tomorrow!


Wednesday 6 March 2024

A Fantastic read, you'll cry, laugh and cheer reading this book!

If this the first book you read by Kristin Hannah, it won't be the last. It is an amazing book, you'll want to read every thing she has written. Anyone who reads my blog will know that Dh said he'd pay half the cost of this book, because I was having guilt feeling about the amount I was spending on books and this was £14.95 to pre-order. So on that basis he read it first. The first evening he started I asked how was he finding it. His face told it all, big smiles as he said.' Its excellent!'  And I can second that, it is an amazing book and now that I've read, I feel bereft!

The main character is Francis, called Frankie and you'll love her. I got so deep into her character I cried when she did. with her disappointments and losses. Set in the Vietnam war Frankie signs up as an Army nurse and is posted to the war front. 

When she gets there naïve Frankie is overwhelmed by the chaos and destruction of the war. You watch the naïve Frankie, who is way over the head become a confident and well respected, very efficient nurse. With her two nursing friends and Drs we learn how they worked to save the seriously injured soldiers and civilians. The discriptive scenes of the casualties were horrific and as I'm sure Ms Hannah researched this, in real life it must have been an unimaginable shock to the system.

The friendship between the three nurses endure long after their return home, where their service isn't recognized. The general view was that there were no women in the Vietnam war. And where they are seen in uniform, they come across a divided nation, so they're spat on and mocked. It was a very difficult time for Frankie and its her two friends who support her and get her through a very harrowing time. Is there any romance in her life? Well you'll have to read it yourself to find out.. but keep your tissues near!

I think you've guessed I loved it, best of the books I've read this year.


Monday 4 March 2024

Spare bed?

 These were a real struggle to finish, I think I had second sock syndrome and couldn't get round to knitting it.

The problem was the dark wool, so the spot light that Dh bought me for my birthday really helped.. as well as that I'd decided to do that pattern that reinforces the heel and when I came to the turn, it all went wrong! But I did it, although if you look really closely you can see the heels look slightly different, but doubt my grandson will notice.  He wears them round the house! I must have made him 8 or 9 pairs. He once told me his mother had stolen a pair to wear in her wellies, so made her a pair too and then it became a tradition that all three grandchildren had a pair for Christmas!

Miserably cold wet afternoon, but as I didn't sleep well last night I was happy to stay inside in my comfy arm chair. Thank you for the suggestions on sleep, but tonight I 'm taking a tablet as we want to go out in the morning.

The daffodils look amazing in the garden and the ones that border the front grass ( can't call it a lawn!) appear to shine at night as we leave our outside lights on and the light reflects off them.  

And a lovely surprise my bestest friend phoned, she and her partner helped with our wedding evening 'do' and served the food.  We are very close and known each other for 40 plus years. She and I always had an arrangement,  that we'd always have a bed spare for each other if we ever needed to run away!! She started her phone call with 'Still got your bed!' I've never needed it nor has she, but we've cried together so many times.

So a lovely afternoon inside, warm, cosy and finished that D*** sock in time for my youngest grandson's birthday. I used to pop £5 in one, but I suppose as there is a rise in the cost of living, it had better be £10.. he is a trainee paralegal so doesn't get a lot at the moment, so this should be enough for coffee and a sandwich?



 I have written about this before but its a big problem in my life. I've had a little weepy moment this morning, nothing bad has happened in my life, just another night of sleeplessness, it isn't just me I know other women of a certain age, who also suffer from insomnia, so why? Last night was another night when I saw the dawn and felt the cold of the unheated lounge. But there was no point staying in the bed, I was in the wide awake club. Why? I'd dropped off to sleep quite easily and earlier than I did normally, but my eyes were closing as I tried to read, so felt confident that I was going to sleep all night.

Dh wanted to carry on reading; our bedside lamps are sat low on our bedside cabinets so we don't disturb each other. I settled and he helped me with the duvet. I can't pull it over me with my right duff arm, so have to cross over with my left. I got my pillow just right, solid for a side sleeper and I went to sleep right away.

Then I woke for a wee, about 1:30am, and got back into bed and started my sleep thoughts. I dared think about anything that is unpleasant, so concentrate on seeing the sea ripple up on the sand and keep thinking, I'm warm, cosy, comfortable and I'm going to sleep. I won't watch creepy films or any dramas that are upsetting before going to bed.

I gave up and got out of bed at 2:45, wide awake! Scream, scream, scream!

March last year when I had a Dr's consultation about my regular tablets, she prescribed me some sleeping tablets. I only took them for 2 nights, I was like a zombie the next day, so they were no good.

September I had a telephone appointment and a different Dr prescribed me some tablets that are anti-histamine, but are given for insomnia. They work, but I don't want to be reliant on tablets, so only take one now and then. She suggested like the other Dr, it was because there is a drop in estrogen after a certain age that causes it. Estrogen had already been added to the long list of medication I'm given. Don't ask me how many tablets I take, I could write a book about them!

So I suffer, and wonder what I can do, any ideas? I've recently read about banana tea?? I think that's a wild idea, what do you think?


Sunday 3 March 2024

My guilty secret!

We were watching a film yesterday and in the back ground there were the faint strains of this song, it took me back to a hot sunny Saturday afternoon. I was driving along, windows open singing at the top of my voice to this song, I loved it.
I was on my way to a tattoo parlour. I was supposed to be meeting my friend there, but she had cried off the day before, but I was still going to get a tattoo. I'd had my 60th birthday the previous December and I had decided to deny my age and have a tattoo! It was all booked and I had chosen my design.

Over the years it has faded, (this is just a picture off the internet, similar to my tattoo)
It's at the top of my left booby, but inside my bra, so quite hidden,
My sons know I have it, but not my daughter, she and her husband think they are much too 'posh' to have tattoos! But my grand daughter does. I've always said I'd tell my daughter when I was 80, well that's come and gone and I haven't told her yet, I may never tell her!

Strange how some people view them.  There was an older lady in our Book Group in Suffolk who admitted of being afraid of people with tattoos.  As it happened the young phlebotomist at the surgery had some beautiful ones on her arms. This older women said she dreaded having to have a blood test in case she had her. I was more than happy to have Lola do my blood tests, she was very good at her job and I never even felt a prick. And she was very attractive and her tattoos very pretty.
When I lived in Billericay, I used to drive people who couldn't drive to and from the church I attended. Some older ladies were my regulars and I was often asked to go in when it was at night, to put on the lights. I think they were afraid, I didn't mind. 

One time after a Wednesday night church meeting, the old lady I took home asked me to just supervise her little dog outside for his last wee , and could I put out her black sack of rubbish and check the door was locked. Not a problem for me I didn't mind. As I was saying goodbye, she thanked me again and said, what a lovely Christian I was. I didn't remind her that not so long ago in a Wednesday night Bible meeting, she had said that those people with tattoos and piercing were doing so against the laws of God and not Christians!! I had a tattoo and ears pierced!
Ah well what could I say?

Just got in my car and drove home, popped my own dog out for her last wee and put out my own black sack of rubbish, and made sure my own doors were locked!

Shall I tell my daughter? I don't think I will, its my own secret!


Saturday 2 March 2024

OK, Worth a read.......... And an Excellent book.

This book was our Book Group read for February. I found it confusing to get into at first as it had 3 stories running along side each other. I'll have to be honest I had problems sticking with it and only read it, because it was for the Book Group.

It was very well written, although one thing really irked me one of the character's surname was 'While.'  Why not White or even  Whily??Anyway the start got you right into the story with first few paragraphs. 

It starts with ........

On a sweltering afternoon a mother leaves her three children in a car,  which had broken down on the side of a busy motor way, while she walks to the nearest motor way phone. Jack the eldest was told to look after his two sisters and she would be back as soon as she had phoned for help. But she never comes back and the children's lives consequently change for ever.

Three years later Jack is still in charge and doing as best as he can to look after his sisters. I loved the fact to keep people from knowing they were alone in their house, he cuts the front grass and keeps the windows clean. In fact Jack is a very resourceful boy, as we find as the story develops.

The plot rattles along and will keep you wondering where the plot will lead you. It swings back and fro from when the mother disappears 1998 and 2001. There was a comic element to the story and although listed as a mystery, that was a very loose in my opinion. Twists and turns were more like a wandering along, and what appeared improbably becomes plausible as it unravels, but it takes its time! 

I had to read the end a couple of times, because I wasn't sure what had happened. I thought there was another chapter but it was a few pages of another book. 

Worth a read? Yes, written well and Jack was amazing!


This is an amazing book and an excellent read. Dh read it first, as he did point out to me, he had paid half the cost! 

I am still reading it and I can't stop. It was after 12:00 midnight before I switched off my light  Thursday night, and I was  grateful that yesterday the weather was freezing cold with sleet and some snow, so I could stay in the warm and read|!

When I finish this book I will write about it, but what I will say now, if you like a well written book with a strong story and very likable characters you will love this book, so get it and read it now!


Friday 1 March 2024

Bits and cards and a very heavy buy!

 Yesterday, we had an afternoon in town, I needed some bits and Dh wanted to post a card to his bother in law, guess what? Yes he forgot it!  I also wanted some birthday cards for a cousin, my youngest grandson and my eldest son. All cards for males, without pictures of beer, wine, football, golf, cycling or gardening on them. Why is it so difficult to find any that are suitable for men?

I did find some with sea-scapes pictured on them, just nice but pricy from one of the gift shops. I don't really mind, after all they only have one birthday a year, and they're worth it. And then I mooched around looking at the little presents; they had bars of chocolate with names on. If they had one with my grandson's name I would have bought it, but none.

Since my arm injury I have my hair done regularly and watch the weather forecast,  because it has to last between visits. I have found one here in town that does my hair beautifully except her helper manages to wet me every time when she washes it! So now I ask for a towel rolled up and around my neck, it works! So Thursdays are my hair day; we made it home before the rain, but only just!

I nearly bought some daffodils, but then thought I've loads here in the garden, I could pick some ready for St David's Day. We went into the Kitchen shop to buy a bake-stone. I didn't think I wanted one when I sold the old house, because my grandmother's was still there, poked into a corner. I regretted it as soon as the house went, but made do over the years with a thick bottom frying pan, in which I have only used as a pan to cook Welsh cakes.  But now I've bought one, its cast iron and was very heavy to carry. So now we have one to use to make Welsh cakes as it's St David's Day!

Welsh Cakes


8 oz S R Flour.

3 oz Marg

3 oz Sugar

3 oz currants, or sultanas.

I large egg

1/2 Tsp of salt.

1 Tsp Nutmeg.

Small amount of milk

Castor sugar to sprinkle on cooked Welsh cakes.


Mix all dry ingredient and then rub in marg.

Add fruit.

Make a well and add beaten egg.

Draw in dry mix till all added in, add drop of milk if too dry.

Try not to wet it too much, it will look like a dough mix.

Tip out onto a floured surface.

Roll out to about 3/4 inch thick

Use a round or fluted cutter and cut out cakes.

Place bake stone, which has been very lightly greased and floured on gentle heated plate or gas.

Place Welsh cakes on it, spaced out.

Turn after about 2 or 3 minutes and cook other side

Place on wire rack to cool, sprinkle with castor sugar.

Eat and enjoy!

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus