Saturday 15 October 2022

This gives me such joy.

When you've had a bit of a dip in life just like my post of a day or two ago, you need a lift to get on and be happy. So, when I heard that Bing Crosby's recording of Desert Island discs was one of several that had been found deep in the BBC Archives, I had to listen.

Back in the 1980s when I was visiting my aunts here in my hometown, I met one of my mother's friends, my Auntie Dulcie. (not a real Aunty) She told me of the times when she and my mother saved their pay each week to get the bus to Cardiff, to attend singing lessons, altho they could only afford to go every other week. They were 17 years old, it was pre-war! 
They loved singing so when Bing Crosby came to the local cinema, they had to go to see him. 
Aunty Dulcie said my mother was so excited and had rushed home one Saturday afternoon to tell her, his latest film was there in the Casino and would she like to go.
I love to think that my mother liked his films, so listening to the podcast of Desert Island discs was very emotional for me.
And here is his most famous song White Christmas, first recorded the year I was born!

Still lovely to hear, enjoy!


Wednesday 12 October 2022

Not my day!

Well, I'm not having the best of days. We have been into town for me to buy Boots own Number 7 face cream. On Saturday when we were there, they didn't have any, but assured me they were having a delivery Monday and today, Wednesday, but they still didn't have any, so annoying. There is a bigger store in the bigger town near us, but we're not very good in towns we don't know, so I decided to buy it online. Grrrrr there was a glitch in the program, and I was going round in a loop so gave up.   

We have signed up for a Welsh language oral session to supplement our Welsh language lessons, to be held at the Pontypridd Campus of the Uni. of Wales. So, we needed to make arrangements for Nell. We looked up Doggy Day care places near us, phoned one that was recommended, she answered with an abrupt retort, 'I'm not taking any more dogs' and hung up..why oh why didn't her web site say that!!

So, to finish my day I've found a kennels near us that will take Nell each Saturday as Dh read out the dates to me.. Nov 12th and each Saturday right to Dec10th, except when I looked it was only 1 day. So where did he see all those other dates?? Who knows, I've had to phone the kennels back to cancel the other days!

But he has redeemed himself by going onto the Boots web site and bought the face cream for me. But definitely not my day. I can feel a headache coming on, or could that be the flu jab I had yesterday?

Do you have days like this?



Saturday 1 October 2022

My Blessings

I follow and read several blogs and so admire their photographs. I'm hopeless and mine don't do justice to the subjects I'm photographing.  I'm thinking particularly of our garden which has been spectacular, a lot due to Dh as I can't dig with my duff arm anymore and in all the heat he watered the pots every night.  We are getting ready to put it to bed for the winter, lifting the dahlias and getting those pesky dandelions out. 

I get blog envy when I see some. but I feel so sad for those who write about their everyday lives, some very lonely by themselves, others who can't fit enough into their days, carefully planned as though they're afraid to have one minute unplanned. I don't fill my days with planned activities and am happy to go along as things happen. I don't need to fill my life with things, activities or holidays. Even when I lived alone, I took my time through each day. Now having met my lovely Dh 18 years ago I have many and plentiful number of blessings.

He's not perfect in a lot of things, as he needs time to get round to doing things, which in all fairness, he's decided he needed to do himself. He made a 'to do' list the other day but hasn't actually done anything on it yet. He wants to paint his shed, he has the paint ready and waiting; he wants to sort out the garage, we have the shelves to put things on to be up off the floor; and he will do these things but not just yet. I don't mind, when he says he's ready I'll help, and it will all get done.

But he is perfect in other ways, I have always had a morning cup of tea each day since we married in 2006, he is always willing to stop what he's doing if I need help and he is a very good cook. He has never complained when I've woken him up night after night with my insomnia but will make a cuppa at 3 in the morning. And he happily cuddles up behind me in bed to warm me if I feel cold.  So he's pretty wonderful I wonder what I've done to deserve someone like him. He's generous of heart. He makes me think of the song 'Something Good' from the sound of music, because I must have done something good to have met him and he ask me to marry him.