Monday 13 September 2021

I've not quite given up blogging.

 We are enjoying our life in Wales. and getting organised slowly, very slowly. Its almost as though we're recovering from all the stress of selling and buying.. 

I haven't given up blogging but just not done any craft work. Crocheting seemed to aggravate my arthritis, so I have left it for the moment. But 2 shawls I've made in the past have been taken by my step daughter. One for my MIL and one for herself.

This sweet pea one for her nan (my mil)
And this one for herself.

So my blankets are decreasing but I do have 4 more, plus quilts I've sewn.

We've lots to do all the time, but slow some days, but it will get done eventually.

With everything going on, (new bathroom to be fitted on 27th) I've a hankering to make a scrappy quilt, dare I?/

I'm blogging on my newsy blog here..