Saturday 25 January 2020

My Happy Place

I'm sorted and back in my happy place... which is???
Crocheting, it keeps my hands busy, occupies my mind and stops me munching in between meals.
It's just a simple knee throw which I shall use in the car when we go walking. Now you might wonder why I need a knee throw for walking.. well sometimes when we set off in the car to go somewhere different for a walk, when we get there, the weather has turned or I 've lost the 'I want to walk' mood and so produce a book to sit and watch Dh and our dog, stride off.  
My knee throw will be warm and not too big. I haven't any ideas on how big, I 'll just keep going till it's the right size!
It's a simple 4 row pattern,
2 rows dbl crochet in every stitch.
2 rows of groups of 3 trbl in every 3rd stitch.
It is my favourite crochet pattern.
The next set of colours will lilac, mauve and deep purple and then I'll repeat the colours. I can happily sit and do this for hours. 
Have you a hobby that puts you in your happy place?

Monday 20 January 2020

What to do, what to do???

I started this shoulder shawl, a present for my SIL but decided the colours were too dark.  I thought it would more blue, difficult to see when it was as a ball. So abandoned it and returned the rest of the yarn to Wool Warehouse, who refunded me my money as soon as the parcel arrived with them. 

 These are socks knitted with oddments of sock wool. I 'm trying to match them and trying to make each new colour joined in interesting by staggering the joins with a variety of patterns in the wool.
 And I have this cross stitch recently bought to do, as well as 6 cross stitches on the go (WIPS) 
And of course I have a quilt ready to quilt and 6 blocks of a new one on the go!
BUT I can't settle to do anything. I feel I need something that takes little or no thought.
So I might just knit a baby blanket and give it to the local Hospice CS. 
Have I got the winter blues? In a way I feel ashamed as I follow this blog Wendy 58 years young who is struggling with early onset Alzheimer's and just gets on with things,  even though the tasks have become mountains of difficulties.  
So I too will just get on!
What about you, are you in the doldrums of winter?

Tuesday 7 January 2020

Efforts of 2019

Lucy of Attic 24's Sweet Pea blanket was my first make of last year.  DH bought me the pack from Wool ware House for my Christmas present. (I might have ordered it myself for him to pay, as I don't reply on hints for my presents!)

I made the cushion covers out of the remaining yarn.
And because I liked it so much, made this with different stitch stripe and this lovely little girl loved it, so of course I was more than happy to give it to her. 
This blanket I made because  I saw a similar colour combination and had to make my own.  It's Lucy's woodland ripple, which I think of all Lucy's designs this is my favourite. It was 15 balls of  Style Craft DK from my LYS.  I loved making it and absolutely love it. I have it folded on a stool in the lounge so I can look at it all the time!

I had to make a mouse for a little girl we know.. they are so cute to make and the patterns are for sale on Ravelry. You'll find an abundance of these and other little creatures on Little Cotton Rabbits.
Something cosy to wear across my shoulders when I'm reading in bed. It was undone and re-knitted to make it bigger.

And this little jumper is finished ready for a little fella's birthday in February Hope he likes it. Knitted in Parchment colour in Style Craft Its a Sirdar pattern #1785

Not as much as I 've made in past years but my arm tires easily and so the blankets took me a longish time, but I have thoroughly enjoyed making these in 2019 and proud of my efforts. 
What have you done to make you proud?