Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Efforts of 2019

Lucy of Attic 24's Sweet Pea blanket was my first make of last year.  DH bought me the pack from Wool ware House for my Christmas present. (I might have ordered it myself for him to pay, as I don't reply on hints for my presents!)

I made the cushion covers out of the remaining yarn.
And because I liked it so much, made this with different stitch stripe and this lovely little girl loved it, so of course I was more than happy to give it to her. 
This blanket I made because  I saw a similar colour combination and had to make my own.  It's Lucy's woodland ripple, which I think of all Lucy's designs this is my favourite. It was 15 balls of  Style Craft DK from my LYS.  I loved making it and absolutely love it. I have it folded on a stool in the lounge so I can look at it all the time!

I had to make a mouse for a little girl we know.. they are so cute to make and the patterns are for sale on Ravelry. You'll find an abundance of these and other little creatures on Little Cotton Rabbits.
Something cosy to wear across my shoulders when I'm reading in bed. It was undone and re-knitted to make it bigger.

And this little jumper is finished ready for a little fella's birthday in February Hope he likes it. Knitted in Parchment colour in Style Craft Its a Sirdar pattern #1785

Not as much as I 've made in past years but my arm tires easily and so the blankets took me a longish time, but I have thoroughly enjoyed making these in 2019 and proud of my efforts. 
What have you done to make you proud?



Winifred said...

My you have done well. Love those blankets, gorgeous colours.

Julie said...

That's a lot of crochet and knitting Chris especially with how the arm is. WELL DONE!

Joy said...

Such lovely hand made things. They're beautiful and those colours - wow!

Mrs Tiggywinkle said...

You made a lot of stitches last year - well done. My daughter has asked me to crochet her a double blanket, I've never made anything nearly as big before so I've told her that it might be ready for her birthday next year! It's a daunting prospect. Happy New Year. x

Buttercup said...

Everything you make is fabulous! I love the blanket. I curl up in an chevron afghan, light blue and navy, that my mother made during WWII. It's still in great condition and it has such sweet memories.