Friday 21 July 2017

At last, they are finished, yeah!!

These black socks have caused me a lot of grief... they don't look very black photographed, but they are! I couldn't see the stitches by the light from lamps in the evenings. The leg section of one is just slightly longer than the other, because we were watching the latest's Jurassic Park film on Netflix and I hadn't realised how much I more had knitted until I had finished the heel and no way was I going to undo it!!

They are for DS's GF.. She suggested she'd like some for the boots she has to wear for work, but was horrified to see the brightly coloured ones I had knitted, and said she'd like black! I suppose I should knit her a second pair, I have the wool, but these were so horrible to knit, I don't think I can; I haven't liked knitting them at all!
And then because when you have loads to do, we are still unpacking and getting straight as well as doing the garden, we decided to do a jigsaw! Here it is, called The Potting Shed.

We have thoroughly enjoyed spending evenings listening to the radio and doing this. Tonight BBC4's prom concert is the film music of John William's. A few years ago we actually went to this plus other prom concerts that summer, of course my arm put a stop to that. But we are looking forward to this this evening.
I will be crocheting my blanket, 'Sunshine and showers.'
A warm summer evening, fresh coffee and a chocolate mint choc, listening to music we love, just loving being together, smiling smugly at each other now and then, over Nell lying between us on the floor, just loving everything here. What could be better than that. My heart is hop skippity hop just thinking about it! 
            Chris x

Tuesday 4 July 2017

Still here

I have had my pre-op assessment, which went very well. The one thing I was dreading was the blood tests, I have become very nervous of needles of late, but I didn't even feel the needle going in! So I am on my way to surgery for my arm and shoulder, two years and three months of being in a sling may be, no not may be, is coming to an end. I will have two working arms again!!  YEAH
I haven't done any more of my CAL blanket because I am knitting socks, black socks, for #1DS's GF. She asked for black and it's really hard to see in an evening by artificial lights. But I am struggling on! When they're done I 'll be back to crocheting my blanket, which is lovely bright colours.
Just thought I pop in to say hello!

Chris x