Tuesday 31 May 2011


Thank goodness blogger seems to be back to normal. It was very frustrating not to be able to leave comments on blogs..The trouble seemed to be with comments that needed the extra  word confirmation and you ended up in a loop of signing in and then signing in and then signing in .... LOL
Thank you to all those of you that did manage to leave comments for me.

No stitching to show I am ashamed to say because I have that knitting bug and have to finish this little cardi. Its coming along nicely and although the pattern is a very simple one it has caused me some bother, maily because I was knitting watching TV and forgot the pattern rows.  I have also been very naughty and ordered a whole lot of wool to make a multi striped cardi for the Autumn. I 'll show it all as soon as it arrives. It was all reduced at www.deramores.com But I have vowed not to start knitting it till August as I must get on with my stitchy things.
I will be watching the postie tomorrow.


Wednesday 25 May 2011

Something different.... for a while

All this unpacking has been very stressful. I worried about packing up our belongings, I worried  about the moving day but it never occured to me that unpacking would cause stress!
Why stress????Bbecause we still have too much stuff. although we have sorted and given loads of china, books and furniture away we are still trying to find room for more!
Although I have been happy stitching my Sampler Aux Bouquets I needed some thing easy and different so..... when I was reading some blogs the other evening I came accross Hazel's who had just ordered and received some beautiful yarn. Lovely colours to crochet a granny square blanket.  I don't really need a blanket expecially as I have not long made a quilt.
So after an hour or two (or maybe three or four!! LOL ) I found what I wanted.
A knitted little cardi or bolero

 I decided on this colour of dusky pink and to knit the little short sleeved cardi because I have just bought a bolero.

I find knitting very relaxing and also with the French Open Tennis championships on TV at the moment, it's just perfect to knit and watch the tennis.  This little cardi will be perfect for our week away in Saundersfoot at the end of June.
Hope everyone is happy doing what ever it is you enjoy.

Friday 20 May 2011

I am still stitching!!

When you're moving house, packing up your belongings just takes over your life!
Or so I thought.. it is a week and one day since we moved and now unpacking our belongings is all we're doing. Trying to find a place for everything is getting very stressful. We have given a lot of glasses, china and books away. We just have too much stuff. Everyday we have tried to get straight but as we unpack more and more boxes, the more mess we seem to be creating!
Some evenings I have fallen alseep as soon as we have had dinner I have been so tired.. but those evenings when I have stayed awake I have worked on this..
Sampler Aux Bouquet. It didn't need a massive change of colours so seemed simple to stitch.
However saying that, I had frogs all over part 1 and spent a lot of time unpicking and re-stitching.
But here is it is I have now completed all of part 1 and am half way through part 2. Unfortunately I didn't allow enough fabric for part 3, so I will stitch that one separately.

And as we are here in Billericay I intend to join in the quilters class I did, when we stayed here in April and I have already picked out what I want to make. As you can see the little flower heads are suffolk puffs!
This is in this book that was recommended to me by a member of the Sampler Guild, that I met when I went to the Canvey Stitchers get together.. it is a lovely book with lots of other projects in it too.

I can't wait to get started,  but I have to unpack a few more boxes first!!!
Thank you to all that wished us well for our move, I am sorry that I haven't been visiting blogs of late, I am just too tired some evenings to log on... now that is admitting to something to be too tired to log on!!

Saturday 14 May 2011

We've moved!!

You might be thinking I have given up on my blog but these boxes and bags are the reason why I haven't been able to post. I have been extremely busy!
These were in Coventry last thursday 12th May... our moving day!! It all went very smoothly but then we had been packing boxes for two weeks prior to the day and now??
This is the kitchen in Billericay to where we have moved... and these are just a few. We had about a hundred boxes and two days here we have unpacked about thirty!

And here is a picture of dh at the end of the day..

I am sure we will be straight eventually and it is worth the temporary mess and hard work.
When we went shopping yesterday we met my teaching assistant and  I had a lovely chat with her, while we were chatting along came another from my old school,  so it was hugs all round. It seems the school is to have a two day OFSTED next week, Joy of joy I am no longer teaching.. I shall pop into the school thursday after its all over. I had planned to go to the school  to give the Headteacher my acceptant note for  her leaving do, so just as well I met June who told me the Inspection was Tuesday and Wednesday!!
It is so wonderful to be back here..in fact it's bliss!!