Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Something different.... for a while

All this unpacking has been very stressful. I worried about packing up our belongings, I worried  about the moving day but it never occured to me that unpacking would cause stress!
Why stress????Bbecause we still have too much stuff. although we have sorted and given loads of china, books and furniture away we are still trying to find room for more!
Although I have been happy stitching my Sampler Aux Bouquets I needed some thing easy and different so..... when I was reading some blogs the other evening I came accross Hazel's who had just ordered and received some beautiful yarn. Lovely colours to crochet a granny square blanket.  I don't really need a blanket expecially as I have not long made a quilt.
So after an hour or two (or maybe three or four!! LOL ) I found what I wanted.
A knitted little cardi or bolero

 I decided on this colour of dusky pink and to knit the little short sleeved cardi because I have just bought a bolero.

I find knitting very relaxing and also with the French Open Tennis championships on TV at the moment, it's just perfect to knit and watch the tennis.  This little cardi will be perfect for our week away in Saundersfoot at the end of June.
Hope everyone is happy doing what ever it is you enjoy.


Sue said...

That's a lovely pattern Chris and love the colour of the wool. Will be in touch soon, gardening and grandchildren taking up all my time at the moment.....x

sara said...

What a sweet bolero pattern and such a pretty summer colour too, I'm always knitting, but very rarely for myself, I think seeing your new knitting project it's about time I made something for myself...........enjoy your knitting, it is a great stress buster.

lily x

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely new knitting project. I too am enjoying the French Open Tennis. Can't believe I'm going on holiday on the second week and won't be able to watch lol.

Kate said...

Lovely pattern and fab colour. Enjoy your de-stressing!

amelia said...

I find knitting very relaxing too. I hope your time away is just as relaxing! Sometimes I find holidays more stressful that staying home with what's familiar but I'm sure that's just me!!

Melanie said...

I like this pattern. Very nice. Have fun knitting it up! :)

Anonymous said...

that is a lovely pattern Chris, I do love the little cardi I would love to be able to knit one of those, I wish I could come and meet up with both yourself and Hazel, you could teach me how to knit and Hazel could teach me crochet LOL

ps. thanks for commenting on my reading blog, for some reason I can't leave a comment on it myself?

Justflo said...

Now that's a good idea. I keep looking for something to keep my shoulders a little warmer and a full cardi I don't want. Perhaps I'll have to look for a bolero pattern and look pout my needles.

Love the colour you've picked.

Karan said...

That will be a lovely cardi & it sounds a lovely way to de-stress. Enjoy the tennis. :0)