Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Thank goodness blogger seems to be back to normal. It was very frustrating not to be able to leave comments on blogs..The trouble seemed to be with comments that needed the extra  word confirmation and you ended up in a loop of signing in and then signing in and then signing in .... LOL
Thank you to all those of you that did manage to leave comments for me.

No stitching to show I am ashamed to say because I have that knitting bug and have to finish this little cardi. Its coming along nicely and although the pattern is a very simple one it has caused me some bother, maily because I was knitting watching TV and forgot the pattern rows.  I have also been very naughty and ordered a whole lot of wool to make a multi striped cardi for the Autumn. I 'll show it all as soon as it arrives. It was all reduced at www.deramores.com But I have vowed not to start knitting it till August as I must get on with my stitchy things.
I will be watching the postie tomorrow.



Daffycat said...

I recently posted a "fix" on my blog for those blogs affected. I'm still running into blogs I'd LOVE to comment on but can't!

amelia said...

Can't wait to see the cardi!!

Unknown said...

I know what you mean I am into my crochet and hexies at the moment I need to pick up my neglected stitching!!

Kate said...

I followed Sharon's "fix" but I too am still finding blogs that I can't comment on.

Leslie: said...

I've had that same problem with blogger and finally end up giving up...but all is fine here! I envy you your talent...I used to knit and do crewel work, but now I'm just so busy with tutoring. And of course pain slows me down so much! Phooey! lol

Karan said...

The loop thing was driving me crazy, so am also glad it seems to be sorted now. Looking forward to seeing the finished cardi. :0)