Wednesday 24 May 2017

Warm toes and starting a CAL.

I finished the socks for #2 GS and knitted a pair of bed socks for 'moi'  I didn't match the wool as I don't mind, they are to keep my tootsies warm in winter and my toes don't  know they don't match!!
 And I have started the CAL.. Although we have moved house since I signed up for it and couldn't find the pack of wool I had bought. DH opened a lot of packed boxes to find it for me..and it was in the very last one he opened!
We are loving it here although it has taken us two weeks to get a little organised.. at one time I said..' what have we done?? ' It just seemed so hard to get the boxes  unpacked, but we have left some because we don't need the stuff in it for now, or at least we don't think we do!
I am enjoying the crocheting and our new home.