Thursday 26 February 2009


This little fellow decided to camp out in the front garden tree where we were staying in Portland on our drive from Melbourne to Adelaide.. he didn't do much just sat there looking down at us and we staring back at him.. but it was exciting to see a real live koala!
Having the most wondeful time here down under and off tomorrow back to Melbourne to meet up with a whole gathering of rellies!
Then Sydney and Cairns and back home in March.. this is a wonderful way to miss an English winter.

Tuesday 10 February 2009

from Hong Kong!!!

No Photos but a short message from Hong Kong! Here we are on the first leg of our trip to Oz!
Stephanie has received my Prairie Schooler mattress pin keep and scissor fob so will post pic when I can, she has posted a pic on the Prairie Schooler site

Hope the snow has stopped in Uk it is 70F here and very pleasant.

Saturday 7 February 2009

Some finishes even though I am packing for Oz!

This is a little hanging ornie for my daughter.. I had to use aida14c for this as I have used up my metre of 28c linen! But I wanted to do something for her as she sounded very down when we spoke the other weekend. Work, children and a hubby and a broken dish washer was just too much for her! We have all been there hey??? LOL I have posted it to the school where she works so it will be a surprise for her next week!

And this for my lovely husband Mike!

This is the front of my Valentine Heart for my husband.. it has our initials on it, It is now packed in my suitcasae ready to give him on the 14th as we will be in Melbourne, Australia then.!!
And this is the back:

It doesn't show it at its best lying down as you can't see the little silver heart but I had to photo it rather hurriedly while Mike was in the other room!

Friday 6 February 2009

Another Award!

Strawberry Jam Anne has given me this award which is lovely... the explantion has to go with the picture so here it is...I have to award this to eight bloggers so I am having a think as all the blogs I look at are so lovely it will be a difficult decision.

These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbon of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers.

1. Sue- As if by Magic
2. Sharon- Stitching Happy
3. Nic- A girl as Mad as Birds
4. Marion- Villa Kunterbunt
5. Connie- Cootie Bug 2
6. Shellie- Shellie in Sitches
7. Shell- Cross those Stitches
8. Marion- Gumbo and Grits
I love all these blogs and they give me a lift and more importantly keep me away from the ironing!!! LOL
I have to work out how to do the names with links, but please forgive me as time is a bit short at the moment... Australia looms ever nearer!

Thursday 5 February 2009

Blog award

Whoooeeee I have been awarded fabulous blog award by Clare , thank you Clare... I am delighted! Now I have to chose five people who I think have a fabulous blog and list five addictions!

It isn't hard to list my addictions:- but I am afraid they are all very boring... I don't even go a bundle on chocolate! I debated about listing 'you know what as did Elisa and Clare but I am afraid strong cheese melted on toast won!! LOL

# Stitching obviously

# Reading

#Surfing, not the sort you do on the crest of a wave, the sort that ends up with spending money!

# Day dreaming !

# Strong Cheese especially melted on toast

Now Five fellow bloggers:-
Gaynor who grows cabbages as well!
Connie who always leaves me lovely comments
Angela.. a beautiful stitcher and a fellow book worm!
Julie who knits and stitches!
Cindy... that lone star stitcher!

Snow snow snow!!!!

This is what it was like outside at just after 6 this morning!
I leaned out of the side door of the conservatory to get the back garden and its still coming down thick and fast, but as long as we can get to Heathrow for our flight on sunday I am not panicking!!
I have started my BP sal again as I didn't like the colour I was using so changed to DMC 3721, 3722, 233 and perhaps I 'll use 152 as well as it they are all slight colour variations...I shall do a bit more and then take a photo of my progress.
I have sent my Prairie Schooler exchange so when it has arrived I shall post a pic.
Hope where ever you are you're toasty warm!!

Tuesday 3 February 2009

A lovely weekend but now Snow!!!!

We had a lovely weekend; On saturday I went to my church's work shop 'Soul Spark' and it was wonderful. It is so nice to be with people who know me as me!
It was the first in a series of 6.. saturday it was:-
* Be still before God... entrust your burdens, concerns and needs to God.
* Remember that God loves you as you are.....calls you by name Isaiah 43.1-2
* Savour the moments.. let it sink into your heart.
* Respond to God from your heart.
The whole thing has given me a new way to read my Bible... and the good thing is they are going to do the rest of the course. I really enjoyed the whole experience

Then sunday after Church we went to visit my daughter and her family in Cambridge.
This is my lovely grand daughter Saskia, My daughter Joanne had had a day off work on friday as she had a sore throat and cough and the extra day home made her look rested... being an Examination Officer in 2 schools in Cambridge is stressful and lately I have seen her look tired so it was lovely to see her looking a lot better. She and Edward cooked a delicious beef dinner and we had apple strudel and ice cream for pud! The diet was forgotten!

Monday we got up to snow, not a lot but it kept coming all day!

I do hope it will get better before sunday as we are due to fly out to Australia on sunday and Heathrow was shut down because of the snow yesterday for part of the day with 100s of flights cancelled!