Friday 24 July 2009

Wow what an exchange!!

This is the Alphabet exchange I received from Maddy in the Exchange Heaven Group.. isn't it amazing?? Beautifully stitched and finshed into this amazing sewing keep. It even has a little pocket sewn on the back and a scissor keep with my initial.
I am in awe and totally blown away by such a gift.. Thank you Maddy again and again!

And look at the little pocket on the back.. isn't beautiful.. so clever Maddy, Thank you again.

Tuesday 21 July 2009

Summer has arrived!!

My Summer exchange has arrived so I can now show it.. it is stitched on Cream 32c linen with variegated threads from Vicky Clayton and Crescent Colours. Its called 'Once upon a Tree:Summer'and designed by Jeanette Douglas. I loved stitching it as it had lots of specialised stitches all learnt on a stitching couple of days with Sue Hawkins

Its backed with the fabic shown in the photo.

And I added some little gifts as well, Glad Rachael liked them all

And here is a corner of my summer garden, all grown from seed especially the grasses and wheat and oats all courtesy of DH bird feeding hangers!!

And some beautiful pelagoniums in our conservatory which I think are the best conservatory flowers you can have, so summery!!

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Monday 13 July 2009

Blogoversary sign up now for my giveaway!

Well I have been blogging for nearly a year, I am delighted to have kept going for all this time.. a year today to the day is when I had my knee op. I have a follow up appointment tomorrow.
It has allowed me to carry on gardening, although I don't bend it, I stand with my legs splayed like a giraff weeding and planting so I have aching muscles the next day but I can get it done which when it was very painful I couldn't.
Of course my knee and op allowed me to stitch more as I sat for three months and did nothing else!
And at that time I started this blog, so I am giving away some stitchy bits, don't know what as I haven't started yet so it will be a surprise to who ever gets them and me!!
The draw will be 14th August as I am away end of July, we are going to Essex as the tenants are changing in the house there and so we will be clearing up and gardening, no doubt!
Today I am off to see my grand children in Cambridge and my daughter said, bring your marigolds as still no dish washer, but what are Mums for???

This is my grand daughter lounging in my chair wearing the shirt she persuaded me to buy her after we had been to see High School Musical 3, well isn't that what grand mothers are for?? LOL

Thursday 9 July 2009

Only some stitching but look at what I have grown! And Nell has grown too!

A little bit done to my 'Cats' sampler but I have found it hard to stitch this this week, I just didn't want to, basically as it is those three cat heads in all blends of greys, light beige and white.. I haven't completed that section yet as I need day light for the white bits!

Then if I haven't got enough to do I have been stitching this Bothy thread design. It is something I bought quite a while ago on one of those spur of the moment moments, and goodness know what I'll do with it when it is completed!!

And this is what I do with the rest of my time, my gardening! This is the raised bed in the back of the garden and I have taken a photo to show the cut and come again salad leaves that Nic sent me as seeds with an exchange back in the sping. It also shows cos lettuce, beetroot, cabbage and fennel, quite a fertile little bit of the garden, covered with chicken wire against Nell who it seem likes lettuce< grrrr> and next doors cats< even more grrrrr> and the blooming pigeons, you can also see the beans which have shot up these last few days with the rain.
This year we have also grown some at the allotment too altho not too many as we can't eat them all, but bean chutney is easy to make and we have recipes which are yummy!

And here is our plot, too big really but we love it there! Its quiet and peacful altho less than a mile from the city centre.If you click on the pic, you'll see how big it is!!

And my sweet corn of which I am very proud!

And this is Nell, now 18 weeks old and can chew anything and does! But isn't she pretty and she is very lovable.

I have put green bean chutney on the side of my posts for those who have asked, its one my friend gave me and is delicious!

Wednesday 1 July 2009

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Well I do feel proud of myself as I have exceded my June targets altho' I did not start my Blue Ribbon design I have all the floss ready to go, but look how much of Beatrice Potter I've done, last month I had only completed two motifs so I wanted to do three this month and I did more than three so I am well pleased!

I also completed the LHN sal which was 'Needleworks' I did accidently stitch the border in the wrong colour but didn't realise until I had nearly finished so I certainly wasn't going to frog all that and I like it with Almost Auburn colour, I think perhaps the darker colour would have been too dark. Fortunately I had enough of the Almost Auburn floss as I had bought more because the one I had disappeared.. couldn't find it any where and all of Nell's 'two-two's' were closely examined!!

Then I did a quick New Home card for my son Simon and Tracy as they have moved, so that was nice to stitch as an extra to my month's targets

And I have done quite a bit to my 'Cats' sampler, it is coming along nicely and in fact I am beginning to quite like stitching it altho' I have the three grey cat heads in the middle to do next and all those different colour greys, groan!!!

And I send my Exchange Heaven alphabet needle case to Edit in Spain, so I am very pleased with all my efforts for June... my weight?? Well I lost a pound and a half!! Better than gaining and this coming month I am definitely going to lose five pounds!!! Watch this space!