Sunday 28 June 2020

A beautiful new project.

I haven't sewn my hexie squares yet, I had a blue day and didn't do anything much, only looked at quilting on you tubes, which I love. So many very clever quilters and they get it all done so quickly, but of course it's all staged, so no need to get green with envy.. and they all have super sewing rooms, called sewing studios! 
But I have my next project planned and bought for.

29 balls of this squishy loveliness. Ordered one day and arrived 2 days later, good ol'  Wool Ware house. Not a Lucy Attic 24 design this time. 
The designer of this gorgeous blanket called May Blossom is Marion  Mitchell from WoolThreadPaint. 

This is the Spring colour version and there's an Autumn colour version too. I can't wait to get started, I've even bought a new size 4 soft handled crochet hook. I've been reading through the pattern, all trebles and half trebles, granny squares and rows,  but a tricky 'join as you go' bit, but nicely shown on the blog. Aren't designers generous and make sure you know what to do. I'm so excited, isn't it gorgeous?


Monday 22 June 2020

Still sewing.

This the lower part of our 140ft garden, where I sit when the sun is its hottest and I want to be outside. I can sit and sew here in the shade and not get too hot.
I now have 36 squares with hexies sewn on. I can't decided whether to sew more to make a bigger throw. I do have some of the back ground fabric but not the right size. So I intend to join some, if I centre the joined seam it will show but not too badly. I need to buy some crochet cotton thread to do the shadow quilting around the hexie rounds. 
I have and still am really enjoying this hand sewing. 

I'm going to start to machine join them together today.
How is your latest project going?

Friday 5 June 2020

Rain stops gardening so.....

....I am happily sewing these again.  I have now sewn 12, I was thinking 3 rows of 7, so another 9 to complete. But if it looks a bit scant on the back of the little cane settee in the summer house, I shall do more.  I have enough fabric and here I am at home so plenty of time. 
Yesterday I gave our lounge and dining room a thorough clean after using the bay window as my seed growing mini-green house. It looked wonderful to have all the furniture back to normal. So I don't feel a bit guilty sitting sewing.
We were desperate for rain, so welcome in all ways.
What's your lock down happiness?