Saturday 23 July 2011

A watery week in Yorkshire!

We have just had a week away in Skipton. Our accommodation in this cottage was superb, albeit some of the furniture was old fashioned. The bed had both wooden head board and foot board and the mattress although cosy was inclined to dip in the middle, so just as well DH and I get on!
This was the front but there was also a communal garden just outside this front area.
One late afternoon we sat here and had a bread, a selection of cheeses and pickles bought from the market with red wine, picnic and very enjoyable it was too!
We would have liked more sunshine but in spite of the fact that the sun was hidden behind grey clouds for most of the week, we did enjoy ourselves.
We had a trip on the canal one afternoon and then stopped in the nearby cafe for coffee and cakes!
All very delicious. We ate out most evenings and the Woolly Sheep pub had very delicious meals. So now of course we are back on the food plan and I intend to be back to the weight I was by Wednesday's weigh in, before we went!
And as well as lots of cakes we had to have .....

......Because how could you not have fish and chips when on holiday! LOL

It was a pretty little town and quite busy especially on market days.
We went so that we could go to my step daughter's degree ceremony in Bradford,and that all went well.
We're back home and it is wonderful. Today we have got up to sun and blue skies and everything in the garden looks great!

Wednesday 13 July 2011

My RR is home and finished

I set out the pics I wanted for this RR like Blue Ribbon designs with each little pic in a box. There were just four of us in this RR Clare, Dusty, Jaclyn and my self.
Clare did the bowl of strawberries, Jaclyn the tea cups and Dusty the cake.. All members of Needlescraft Haven.
I am very happy with the finished piece. This the second RR I join in with these very able stitchers,
Very exciting when it arrives home!

I have these little cuties to do along side my two wips (Celtic Summer and Spring Quaker)  plus I am going to start  Lesley Teare design.. one of the Country Lass designs 'Poppies'

Lots to do!

Monday 4 July 2011

Crochet bag and some stitching.

I have been busy with my hook! I wanted a bag for my knitting and started to match up fabric for a patch work tote bag,  but I had seen a crochet bag in one of my books. And here it is.. I love the bright colours.  I love crocheting,  I find it so relaxing. June's Country Homes & Interiors magazine has a crochet blanket, plus a quilt.

I am  a magazinaholic!! Friends say what do you do once you have read them, but I read them all over again! I do give them away eventually, usually when they are a year is the quilt. Just simple squares and then ribble free stitched.

And I love these open shelves in kitchens, except I paid a fortune to have my fitted kitchen, so no open shelves!

And I have stitched another motif on my Rosewood Manor Spring Quaker since we came back from our holiday.

So making progress albeit slow... it has been so hot today I struggled to get the cleaning done that was really needed to be done.
Hope your weather where ever you are,  has been good.
Happy days

Friday 1 July 2011

A week in West Wales

We have been away for a week’s holiday in Saundersfoot West Wales..
It was a long way to go just over 284 miles and along the M25 and M4, so going last Friday morning it took us 7 ½ hours. Although we had a 40 minutes pit stop, it was very tiring.

Saundersfoot is a pretty sea side town and we were only two minutes from the beach and the town. It was very hilly and my little legs ached after a couple of days, but our accommodation was very comfortable so we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.  There were some lovely little shops, one was a stitching and yarn and fabric one, an old fashioned haberdashery  and yes  I did augment my fabric stash! A super old fashioned sweet shop that sold the most yummy fudge and lots of knick knack shops. I bought myself two new tops and a new purse.

Some areas of the beach were dog friendly and Nell loved playing fetch with her ball. Although she is still reluctant to drop the ball when she comes back. She keeps going for quite a while, but the last time we played it was noticeable that she was slower running back, poor thing was tired.

We slept well being full of fresh sea air and tired legs as it was very hilly. But Nell did not! She cried nearly all night the first night and was awake most mornings at 5!!
In spite of me checking with the agents about a garden, it did not have one, so DH was taking her out when only Nell and the seagulls were awake! I have complained to the manager of the letting agents, as the advert for the property showed a garden. But as soon as we arrived there I recognised the
garden as being the house opposite! According to the manager, it was a view from the window, but it didn't say that and the advert showed a house with a garden. It seems they don't have to say it is not the property picture!! Have you ever heard of such rubbish? Here is DH happily paddling in the shallows... he and Nell did enjoy the sea! LOL

This morning we left at 7 and arrived back about 12:30pm ! So a good journey.. we both feel very relaxed and I am very glad to be home. I am dreading weighing in the morning but I do have 4 days before my Slimming group weigh in. (the fish and chips were very good! LOL)
Any way I am so glad to be home. The apartment where we stayed was very comfortable but home is best!!
Happy Days!