Thursday 22 June 2023

Where is she now?

We pass this tree on our way home, called The Welcome Tree by the towns' people, but we never noticed it when we used to drive here, every year for a holiday at my Grans and Aunts.

My children were more fixed on the brow of the Three Step Hill, because at the top we could see the sea. So there was a lot of shouting, Who ever sees the sea first loves Holly Stewart!
In fact everything my three sons did revolved around Holly Stewart. 
First one up ths stairs, first to wash, clean their teeth get dressed! Who ever was first loved Holly Stewart!
She was a pretty little girl in my middle son's Junior School class. 
I doubt she ever knew that she was a big 'name' in our home.
Then she grew up and went off to University and we didn't see her for years.... until... my eldest came home one evening to say he'd see Holly. She was working in a local supermarket and had become a 'Goth!'
I saw her a week later walking along the high street; black clothes, black eyes, black lips and hair twisted into the then fashionable nest style.
I'm sure she thought she looked amazing and as a Goth she did;  but she was no longer the sweet little girl they had fought over when they were Junior School age. 
I wonder what happened to her. She wasn't mentioned again and was like favourite toys forgotten. She was my 'arrow in my bow' because I banded her name around when I wanted my sons to get dressed for school etc, poor Holly, perhaps it was good she never knew!
I still have her name in my mind when we reach the brow of Three Step Hill and I can see the sea!

Have you memories of your children?


Monday 19 June 2023

Does it make you happy?

 At the beginning of April,  I promised myself to  lose 8 pounds in the month, well I failed that goal. I lost 1/2 pound each week and then the first week of May I didn't lose but stayed the same. I was so disappointed I hadn't gone over my 'syns' (the extras you're allowed with the slimming world food plan) So what happened the next week? I gain a whole pound.  And I haven't done much better since. 

But I have now continued on my weight loss journey,  because that number on the scales doesn't tell you:

How strong you are.

How fit you feel.

How well you're sleeping.

And it certainly doesn't tell you how amazing you are; this last week on two occasions different people have said to me, how good they felt after speaking to me  and how interesting I was!

Losing weight didn't give me that ability I always had it! No one would deny that losing weight is better for health and allows you to live better day by day, and that it also promotes a feeling of well being, so I will carry on. 

But I know I can be happy regardless of my weight loss! And according to many friends I don't look my age, even with my greying hair, I have smooth looking skin. I presume that's because I eat a healthy diet and use good facial creams and no soap!

What do you think about dieting?


Wednesday 14 June 2023

Plane crash!

Great excitement but no one hurt, the pilot scrambled out and paddled ashore. A small singled engine plane crashed into the sea off our town beach.

It was under water for a while, but then dragged and carried over the rocks to be lifted away.. lots of excitement and people there to witness it happening around about 9:00 am yesterday morning.

Porthcawl was on the news!!


Tuesday 13 June 2023

Where is the rain??

We have had a lovely morning, a sun shiny day again, too hot really and we went off to buy a selection of shrubs. Our nearest garden centre is always full of plants including trees.

These don't look a lot but they are shrubs that will grow up and out and the photo doesn't do them justice.
But I have still had to buy some shrubs on line and those that have  arrived are in excellent condition.
This an Amelanchier tree in flower, is my favourite

These Gooseberries are called Giggles!

And to come are a crab apple, a Victoria Plum and a Russet eating apple, in the mean time my red hot credit card bought 3 climbing roses that I had seen on the Chelsey Flower show on TV!

We really need rain to plant these, at the moment our back garden registers 29.2° C. Planting them in this heat would be risky, so at the moment they are grouped where we can water them in the evenings.

Yesterday we visited a member of our U3A Gardening Group.. what a lovely garden, quite small and wall surrounded, but climbing pink sweet scented roses to to the skies and frothy clumps of Erigeron every where, in the cracks in the pebbles and all along the wall of her drive. So, so pretty, and something I'm going to do I usually pull it up when it self seeds.
So that's what I'm doing, Erigeron everywhere!! 
Come on rain, come here!! To think my old neighbours in Suffolk said I'd be upset with all the rain in Wales!!LOL

Have you had rain?


Saturday 10 June 2023

A Boat, Corn beef sandwich and a paper bag!

 Trips on the Waverly paddle streamer have started up again. They go to Ilfracombe across the Bristol channel and west to Swansea and Lundy Island.

I went on one with my Aunty when I was 12 years old. I can remember being excited and scared! It had been decided we'd have breakfast on board and we did, big thick doorstop Corn beef sandwiches. 

Omgosh was I ill, and spent a long time with my head in a paper bag heaving! It was the first time I discovered that the sea was ok to swim in, but not to ride on! 

Ilfracombe was ??  Can't remember that at all, altho I've seen photos of us walking along eating an ice creams. I don't know how I was on the back but I guess I was alright, as there were no family stories about me!

Since then I have been on other sea journeys, but with very strong sea sickness pills! 

We are going to watch the next arrival just to see it docking along side the pier,  but I don't want to go on it and it took me years as an adult to have a corn beef sandwich!

How are you on sea journeys?