Monday 25 May 2020

Sewing happily

Well this lock down has turned off my gardening enthusiasm but switched on my sewing!
I am happily sewing each evening and thoroughly enjoying the tiny stitches. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed hand sewing.
Every separate part of putting these together might seem a bit of a faff to some, as each one has to be tacked into position but I am loving it. 
This photo doesn't do the colours justice but anyone who regularly looks at my blog knows photography isn't my fortè.


Friday 8 May 2020


 I've put my knitting to one side as it does make my arm ache.. saw this on FB and decided it was just what I wanted to sew.
 I've 11 completed and several more hexies ready to sew together.
And it's using up a lot of scraps.
Although I bought fabric to use to sew them on. 

I am absolutely loving sewing them. I love the tiny stitches and have delighted in matching up sets and colours to sew each round.
I bought the papers on line, twice! Twice because I couldn't find the first lot I bought.
This is going to keep me happy for a while, I think.
Nice? What do you think?