Thursday 20 September 2018

What to do???

For the last three weeks I have been busy knitting this jumper
I 've knitted a big size as I am big and I wanted it lose. It's knitted in the round from the bottom up and here I am where you join on the sleeves. I 've watched several 'U tubes' on how to do this and am confident I know what to do, but.... I 'm not happy with it so shall I undo what I 've done and make it a cardi instead??

Yes, the key is I don't like the fit. I have threaded some of the stitches onto waste yarn and tried it on and it looks like a baggy horizontal striped jumper on a fat lady!! Also if it was a cardi I would start each row at the front edge; in the round the change of coloured wool shows as a row below and I wasn't happy with that.. so out it all must come and I will start again. Watch this space for a cardi in about 4 weeks time, or longer!
Has anyone else undone so much knitting to start again?

And a thank you for all the comments for my scarf/shawl, I can't wait to wear it.

Tuesday 4 September 2018

Ta-da.. YEH!

 I have loved knitting this, even though the stitches grew to over 250! It is going to be glorious to wear in the winter, the wool is very soft and feels warm.
As I was sewing in the ends last evening my knees were being kept cosy, as the evenings are definitely cooler. The cast off edge was a roll stitch so looks chunky and very nice.
So now on to my next knit, where the back and two sides are knitted as one, I expect one row will be as long as an episode of East Enders??
I have also started the quilt for #2 grandson. It's made up of jelly strips and although there are some dark colours, it is very blue!
Happy days of sewing and knitting, but I am missing the sun already!
Do you hate winter days too?