Saturday 31 October 2009

WIPs and new starts

Just two of my WIPs not that I have a lot on the go but do have quite a few to start!!
Here is my Blue Ribbon piece which is lovely to stitch

And of course my Beatrice Potter sal, I have made good progress with this this month and can feel a finish is in my sights!

As well as these I have completed a LHN which is a pressie so will show that again and I have been busy with my PIF pressies so all in all a busy month!
Our Travelling Stitcher sal now has 8 stitchers to take part and 11 followers.
I have my fabric cut and edged ready for LHN Prairie Sampler sal starting tomorrow and some one has kindly lent me a frame for my Celtic Lady and as I have all the materials I can feel a new start coming on!

Happily stitching

Sunday 25 October 2009

Travelling Stitcher SAL

Sue and I are starting this as a SAL January 2nd 2010 if you'd like to join with us just email me.
Hope you do the more we have the more fun it will be.

Saturday 17 October 2009

Because I'm worth it!!

So when you're feeling down, what do you do??? Buy, buy, buy ofcourse!
This is only part of what I have bought this past week, I am waiting for the fabric to arrive for my other buy.
This is for the LHN sal 'Prairie Sampler' which is to start Nov 1st.
I couldn't get cappuccino so I have bought the mushroom colour and it looks very nice too and all the Belle Soir silks.

And on a good note I actually lost a pound last week so not good good but ok! And as DH pointed out I have lost 2 1/2 pounds in the last 4 weeks, which is good for me, so trying really hard this week.

Tuesday 13 October 2009

Thank you friends, I am trying!!

A very big thank you to all you who have written encouragement on my struggle to lose weight. I am very hopeful that at tomorrow’s weigh in I will have lost weight and if it is only half a pound, it will be half a pound less than I am now! Like my friend Mary says.. ‘Just chip away at it and it will go!’

I have been busy planting up my winter pots and very nice they look too. I love pansies such pretty, little faces looking up at you! And I had to have an ornamental cabbage although when it is going over it pongs a bit!

And of course here is Nell looking as though she could do with a bath and a good brush... any offers??? LOL

This Autumn sun is glorious and lovely to have as it staves off the long winter months that are to come. Although as a fanatical stitcher it means sitting in the warm and doing what I love best, well after reading

Wednesday 7 October 2009

A bit of a downer!! But I can get up as long as I go down!!

Today was my weigh in at SW's group and after trying so hard all week I have only lost 1/2 pound. It is so hard to hear others say that they have lost pounds and pounds and had nights out eating and drinking and I haven't. I had one half a glass to taste one of Mike's home made ones which was very, very nice and that was all.
I did not (for once over indulge) on sunday which is my danger day!
But truth be told I haven't had a very active week, but it was too dry to plant my new pansies and then it was too wet to go out to the garden. So I am miserable but then this was my Proverbs 31 verse today.
Ephesians 2:10: "For I am God's beautiful masterpiece. He has created me anew in Christ Jesus, so I can do the good things He planned for me long ago."

So with new enthusiasm and knowing that it is already God's plan I can lose that weight I am encouraged to stay at the food plan, I don't want to be megga thin just out of the dangerous obese register.
I know what to do, I have had encouragement and ideas, but if I don't put those ideas into action I am not going to do it.

Sunday 4 October 2009

What a great day, not a lot of stitching done but lots of chat!

Clare taking time off from stitching and taking a turn with baby Keely(not hers!!)

Such concentration

Tina and sitting alongside her is Vicki of India Grace designs. I wish I had photographed her calendar that she had designed and stitched it was beautiful.

Hazel who is the Moderator of the Beatrice Potter SAL and who does a great job of it too and her friend Tracey

Lynn who organised the day, thank you Lynn...Just look at that concentration

Kathy who was stitching her Celtic Lady which was superb! Or was it a Lavender and Lace she has quite a few WIPs!

These were all that came: Jacqui and Craig, Kathy, Chris, (me) Tina, Hazel, Tracey, Maureen, Angie,Clare and Jan (Clare's mum), Vicki, and Lara and her mum.
The happy stitchers some stitching with tremendous concentration, some not!
But it was a lovely day to meet other stitchers and to see the fantastic work, why didn't I take photos of it??? Wish I had!
It has given me my mojo back for even my Cat Sampler, well maybe not that one but to see Hazel's Beatrice Potter for real you could appreciate the colours. Tina was stitching an LHN design on a darkish colour and given me some great ideas for a piece of evenweave I bought from ebay and didn't know what to stitch on it. (Well it was a bargain!)
I bought chart from Vicki ( and can't wait to get started. Seeing Cathy's beautiful Chatelaine stitching has pushed me to order the silks to do my Convent's Herbal Garden and Lynn has said she'll show me how to do a hardanger piece, so all in all it was a super day. I only did a little stitching which I had to frog!!! But I learnt so much just looking at the work of others and listening to their advice and tips.
Roll on next year when we will be meeting again in April.
Happy Stitching all and may all those blooming frogs stay in that pond!!
(Just taken these from Clare's blog)
Isn't fantastic work?

Friday 2 October 2009

A Gathering of Stitchers

Great excitement as I am off tomorrow for a Stitchers Away Day! Organised by Lynn in Nuneaton. Lots of on line stitching bloggers to meet and some I met before as I went to the one in March and thoroughly enjoyed myself, so I have looked forward to this for a while... so which WIP shall I take??
My 'Cats Sampler' which I am doing for the 2009 Stitchalong that Gaynor started?
Its some thing I bought years ago and probably wouldn't buy today. Although it isn't difficult to stitch as it is 14c aida, its grubby and I don't like stitching it!
So not this one!

My 'Bea SAL' is coming along nicely and I like stitching it as it is all one colour, well a varigated Vicky Clayton HD called Dried Roses and although the colour doesn't show well in photos, I think it is lovely, shades of pink and brown.. but it is quite big and I need to concentrate stitching it, so can't chat while stitching so not this!

And then theres my Blue Ribbon, 'Between the Lines.' I started this while on holiday last month, but its quite big too so not this.

Then there's this Bothy Threads, 'Buzzy Days-Wishful thinking'which is pleasant but too many colour changes to do while talking, I'll end up with the wrong colour in the wrong place!

Which leaves my LHN 'Coffee,' which I love stitching and it has rows of the same colour so just right to do while keeping up a conversation, so this is the one.

Just got to sort out my goody bag to take and I shall be ready... wahoooo A lovely day planned stitching with stitching friends!