Friday, 2 October 2009

A Gathering of Stitchers

Great excitement as I am off tomorrow for a Stitchers Away Day! Organised by Lynn in Nuneaton. Lots of on line stitching bloggers to meet and some I met before as I went to the one in March and thoroughly enjoyed myself, so I have looked forward to this for a while... so which WIP shall I take??
My 'Cats Sampler' which I am doing for the 2009 Stitchalong that Gaynor started?
Its some thing I bought years ago and probably wouldn't buy today. Although it isn't difficult to stitch as it is 14c aida, its grubby and I don't like stitching it!
So not this one!

My 'Bea SAL' is coming along nicely and I like stitching it as it is all one colour, well a varigated Vicky Clayton HD called Dried Roses and although the colour doesn't show well in photos, I think it is lovely, shades of pink and brown.. but it is quite big and I need to concentrate stitching it, so can't chat while stitching so not this!

And then theres my Blue Ribbon, 'Between the Lines.' I started this while on holiday last month, but its quite big too so not this.

Then there's this Bothy Threads, 'Buzzy Days-Wishful thinking'which is pleasant but too many colour changes to do while talking, I'll end up with the wrong colour in the wrong place!

Which leaves my LHN 'Coffee,' which I love stitching and it has rows of the same colour so just right to do while keeping up a conversation, so this is the one.

Just got to sort out my goody bag to take and I shall be ready... wahoooo A lovely day planned stitching with stitching friends!


stitchersanon said...

Have a lovely day! Sounds like great fun. Cant wait to see what you get done while chatting: I have not mastered doing the two together and I can multi-task most things lol

Julie said...

Have a lovely day Chris, maybe i will manage to get there and meet you next time.

Carolyn NC said...

Oooh - have fun with your Coffee WIP - just the right one! The others look good - great progress on them!

Elisa said...

have a great time :)

Angela said...

Have fun.

Karan said...

Have a great time Chris (hope to hear all about it when you get back). Very lovely WIP's there & some nice progress too. :0)

Michelle said...

Wishing you a wonderful time. Love Michelle x

t said...

It sounds so good, I'm kind of jealous :-) They all look so nice but I'd have said LHN or Beatrix Potter Quaker. If LHN seems easier, good choice!. Enjoy!!!!!!