Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Thank you friends, I am trying!!

A very big thank you to all you who have written encouragement on my struggle to lose weight. I am very hopeful that at tomorrow’s weigh in I will have lost weight and if it is only half a pound, it will be half a pound less than I am now! Like my friend Mary says.. ‘Just chip away at it and it will go!’

I have been busy planting up my winter pots and very nice they look too. I love pansies such pretty, little faces looking up at you! And I had to have an ornamental cabbage although when it is going over it pongs a bit!

And of course here is Nell looking as though she could do with a bath and a good brush... any offers??? LOL

This Autumn sun is glorious and lovely to have as it staves off the long winter months that are to come. Although as a fanatical stitcher it means sitting in the warm and doing what I love best, well after reading


Claire said...

Good luck with the weigh in my finger's are crossed for you.No offer's for bathing Nell as I have to do my dog Woody.Nell's very cute though!

Leslie: said...

Good luck on your weigh-in. I chickened out and cancelled my weigh-in appointment for tomorrow. I just KNOW I've gained over our Thanksgiving weekend.

Julie said...

Your pots looks lovely, we planted our up at the weekend too.

Good luck at the weigh in

Labores de Mercedes said...

Good luck!!, you'll be fine, the important thing is to be healthy and loosing weight little by little is the correct way to do it. By the way, I love Nell, such a sweetheart.

Stitching Kath said...

send Nell to me, i will give a good brush and im sure the boys would love her to be their girlfriend lol

sorry to hear that you cant make it to France in April

Clare - Aimetu said...

I'm sure the weight will come off Chris - fingers crossed for this week :)

I'll bath Mel if you fancy doing Ruby LOL

Anonymous said...

I love your dog ! it's lovely
marylin "france"

Karan said...

Losing weight isn't easy but you can & will do it (((((hugs))))). Your pots look lovely - inspiring me to get mine done soon. And Nell is as cute as ever..... though I'll leave the bath bit to you. LOL :0)